Just Got My First Bike; XS650


Describe Your XS650: Year: 1979 Pretty stock, just a little lowered, 79 xs 650 special. So what i need to know is where can i get a peanut tank, hardtail, rear fender, wire spoke wheels and all the other stuff i need to make it a bobber? Kyle hoskison

Try EBAY!! Send in some more pictures when you get it chopped out..


  1. Jonathon D says:

    for sure try ebay and tcbroschoppers.com offers a bit of xs650 stuff(hardtails, conttrols etc.) good luck with your build, this site should have a section for all of the project bikes poppin up on here, that would be sweet

  2. Ted says:

    “site should have a section for all of the project bikes” Good idea.. I’ll look into that.Jonathon.

  3. kyle says:

    i agree that would be a great idea. i ordered my white walls today and new bars. and i got a few cans of flat black and my one shot paints ready to stripe it.

  4. SCOTT43000 says:

    make ur own & b@1 with the creation. UCAN DU IT!!!!!

  5. sam says:

    hey try craigslist or a place called mikes xs. great parts selection

  6. mark A says:

    are you selling any of the stock parts

  7. BigStanley Pugh says:

    Try local shops, the smaller and less professional the better! Lots of shops around my area have tons of stuff that they practically give away just to make some room. I would suggest you bring beer to break the ice though! lol

  8. norm younger says:

    Very clean.