xs “Projected”


Hi all,I got this 1975 650 hardtail pretty cheap. as you can see it’s pretty ratty right now.iv’e been buying parts off ebay and other junk yard’s in southwesten p.a. it has a lot of potential.the frame is from cyclepathic choppers,they have the trademark sprocket welded in behind the steeing stem.and some harley and triumph parts also.i’ll be spending alot of the summer building this,hope to have it done soon………...this is a great site lot’s of great builders and a wall of info and idea’s….



  1. Jesse says:

    Sweet. looking for something just like that for my 1st project

  2. BykerBrad says:

    Looks to be a good start…what part of southwest pa are you? I’m in greensburg, about half an hour out of pgh. -brad

  3. brian says:

    did u sell bike yet

  4. norm younger says:

    Do you have a number for cyclepathic choppers?