XS650 Scrambler

XS650 from Indonesia..


Write about your XS650.: This is my first XS650 project…because before this bike ready for ride,,i just ride little japan classic motorcycle..
this is my classic motorcycles picture:
And if you like with my XS650 Scrambler, you can call me +6285643227614
because i want to SALE my XS650 Scrambler..
I live in Indonesia..
thanks before :),


Thannks Agunk cahyono


  1. Ted says:

    I think this is the first xs650 sent in from Indonesia.. Very cool man.. I just looked through your Flickr photo stream and you have some cool bikes. Thanks for sending in the pictures Agunk..

  2. scheffers says:

    nice bike!

    I really like the bike with the “hub-engine” on your flickr! that is so cool!!

    Greets from Holland!

  3. Lazarus A65 says:

    Do my eyes deceive me or is that a BSA A-10 frame? Cool bike.

  4. Agunk says:

    thanks for your comment,,brother..
    there are anymore XS650 with cool performance in Indonesia,,include in my town, Jogjakarta..
    and i’m still building XS650 Bobber style…
    wait my XS650 Bobber Style, next month..

  5. aripch says:

    hi agunk

    saya dari malaysia….di indonesia masih banyak kan motosikal xs650 ini?saya cuba mancari motosikal jenis ini di negara saya tapi tidak ketemui…saya mahu sekali membeli enjin mtosikal ini?kalo ada boleh kamu nyatakan harganya?(maksud saya masih ada stok lagikah?)

    bagus bangat motosikal kamu….menarik sekali!

  6. Dindit says:

    Mas, Motornya mo dilepas berapa? kepincut’e aku.. 🙂

  7. eter kurniawan says:

    kang aku pengen ngerti pasarane xs650 piro yo? matursuwun sa durunge gih informasine ta tunggu yo kang…..

  8. lacrambe julien says:


    i love your scrambler project and i m going to start a project like taht i have the engine and the bsa a10 frame.
    could you give me some advise to fix the engine in the frame? maybe you still have the design of the engine plates?
    thanks for your help, and one more time good job!
    best regards,