The Yamacabra


Write about your XS650.: Well ladies and gents here she is……The Yamacabra.  The bike started life as a 78 XS special.   Bought it for 500 smackers and after a good carb douche and getting rid of the AWESOME butt connectors extending the points wires she ran great.  noid-101_0901

I then proceeded to cut it in half and slap a TC bros hardtail on her.  The seat is quite special, came of my friends Adams last bike build before his untimely passing.  The tank was done by my good friend Blu at Trublu Customs in Marietta, GA.    He is accepting new clients right now.



I did the same reg/rec charging system that Brian did on this board,  works GREAT.  All in all the build took two weeks and i couldnt be happier.  Enjoy!!!!!



  1. Hesh says:

    Cool tank, but no rear brake? Ditch the front and hook up the back?

  2. chad says:

    yea, i was in a hurry. plans are for a rear brake and fender.

  3. Teebs says:

    Yeah, the no rear break is a little scary. lol She looks great. Nice tribute to your friend, my condolences, brother.

  4. Emery says:

    I like the paint… not enought people use gold… looks sick.

  5. chad says:

    yea the unfortunate thing is that the seat is soooooooooooooooo uncomfortable. thanks for the nods

  6. Charlie Y says:

    Not bad for some young Punk!….with a babysoft-ass (dont say it, you know what I mean!!!)…..Baaawwww!….way to go man, lookin good….the tank does look xclent.

    I like the belt for the battery.

    How’d the driveinvasion go?…..just 1 day, WTF?

    still got my ceegar? 🙂 …later.

  7. chuck says:

    awesome scoot! where did you get those handlebars?

  8. sean from boston says:

    great looking bike and for 2 weeks…. dam good job If i say so myself

  9. norm younger says:

    I get no front fender but no rear fender?