French Bratstyle xs


Here is a great Bratstyle xs 650.  The description has been roughly translated from French » English.

“Write about your XS650.: This is a 1978  650 xs I retrieve from a barn 5 years without a tour.  After 1 year I rebuild the original engine by reading above anything online. It has a 2in1 mac performance exhaust. The forks have been lowered.




stephane brissard from France.

Write about your XS650.: c’est un 650 xs de 78 que j’ai recuperer dans une grange 5 annee sans tournee et que j’ai retaper durant 1 an moteur d’origine rien fait dessus ligne 2en1 mac performance au niveau de la fourche elle a ete rabaisser


  1. Steve says:

    Very Very good looking bike , well done !!

  2. bloodhound says:

    Nice looking bike that is what I am working on now.

  3. Rusty Nutz says:

    Very, very well done. Good balance and proportions. I will stop now, as I only have the highest praise and don’t want to gush like a teenager.

  4. Hesh says:

    nailed it frenchy!

  5. Hans from Holland says:

    Tasty and good balance, great job Staphane!!

  6. Sam says:

    hi Steph,
    Putain de belle brêle. J’ai hâte de la voir et l’entendre tourner !
    see you soon on or

  7. Ted says:

    @ Hesh- Steph definitely nailed it!

    I wanted to get some more info on it but it’s kind of hard communicating with someone when you can’t speak their language. One of the things I like most on this bike is the rear shock covers. Nicely done.

  8. Justin says:

    I agree ted, those rear shocks set it off, where or what are they from?


    Où avez-vous le choc arrière à partir pour un look parfait. Je suis désolé pour l’im mauvais français essayer de traduire.

  9. Rob says:

    The bike looks fantastic, good job man.
    what is that tank? where did you get it? I want it!

  10. lil bastard says:

    Awsome I digg it! Its right up my alley! Very well done ! Nice bike!

  11. steph says:

    the reservoire comes from a Mobylette bb Peugeot the shock absorber of a prewar motor bike

  12. Blackwidow says:

    I love the bike and the tank especially

  13. Billybobba says:

    Nice simple lines, a well finished bike, enjoy!

  14. Dave Sprecher says:

    hey i am the w/ the gun your build ..just wondering if the finder is hindged in the front beings the stays are bolted to the swinging arm?

  15. kenb says:

    Hey Frenchy,
    FAR FFFF OUT, we do have alot in common love of cool scoots{digin the tank} and being French my self over here in Washington state.
    Nice ride. Thkz Kenny Bourgault

  16. Cedric says:

    J’suis fan!
    Pff, beau boulot! J’adore ta moto.
    XS power!

  17. sergio13 says:

    j’aurai quelques questions a te poser.
    Concernant les modifs sur le cadre, qu’as tu fait exactement ?
    et tu as baissé la fourche d’origine ?

    Suis aussi sur le forum XS twin

  18. steph says:

    oui Sergio La Fourche raasser et c’est celle d’origine au niveau du cadre il ya les deux morceau qui sont courber et les deux tube ou il ya la selle

  19. Chopper Ed says:

    Cool sled Stephane. I’m diggin’ the tank, shocks, handle bars and bar end mirror. White grips are a nice contrast. The no’see’um chain is pretty rad too! Heh, heh, heh…

  20. mario says:

    Très beau travail, d’ou viens le feu arrière ?

    Quebec, Canada