Outkast 650


Write about your XS650.: Here are some pics of me crazy 650 that i started this winter. the wheels are from a bullet bike and the tank i a hodaka.



The back half of the frame is hand build and it is one low bike there is a lot of hand made stuff on this bike and more to come.



  1. mick says:

    With those forward controls looks like you may run into trouble with your legs hitting your carbs, and you definitely won’t have room for air filters. Have you run a chain on it? It looks like it will hit your frame. I like what you are going for.

  2. Jonathon D says:

    cool bike man i like the stance of it!thats a bad ass dodge too!

  3. Ryan says:

    look’n sick man, what kind of stretch you got going on that rear end?

  4. Tebo says:

    That is sick-ass, bro’. You’ll be ridin’ ’round town with yer pants on the ground! Extremely radical taken to a new level…LOOOOOOWW! So long as you can lean it in the turns without scraping anything. Love it!

  5. Dave T says:

    that bike is sick! im planning on starting an xs project in a few weeks here and i planned on building a drop seat hardtail also…. just what i wanted to see man.

  6. apparently you don’t plan to run a chain on that beast. can you say friction drive?

  7. Tebo says:

    Mick and Capt. Awesome have valid points.Two chain tensioners to redirect the chain path? Is this possible? I need to go take a pill. My brain hurts from thinking. Oh, “It’s only impossible ’cause nobody’s ever done it before.”…..Evel Kneivel

  8. Blackwidow says:

    I like the sport bike wheels

  9. the problem with excess chain tensioners would be a significant amount of stress on the output shaft from the front sprocket. i doubt the bearing can handle the extra tension constantly applying pressure to it. this just goes to show you that a mock up stage needs every component imaginable to alleviate such mistakes. not saying it can’t be done, but i am curious to see the way around it.

  10. bob says:

    like the bike but love the truck lol.

  11. thom says:

    can we get an update soon on this wicked bie

  12. mike says:

    from the look of the right side exaust….. you’ll need to find some fireproof pants killer idea maybe just needs a few moe beers during the brain storming sessions?

  13. norm younger says:

    awesome frame and tank