The Grunge


“The Grunge” was built over a two year period thanks to the help of my partner in crime Rob The Pirate and the boys over at Shaw Motorsports. Frame is hardtailed and stretched 4″ by  Widowmakers. 7.62 ammo can batt box and a Bell leather beach cruiser bag from Walmart holds the wiring.


A Beautiful $11 rattle can spray job covered the frame and tins. Narrow Kikker 12″ apes and shitty mids kinda keep me on it. Future mods will include a front brake!!!!!


Year 1979

Tim Kearney


  1. toe. says:

    i like it.
    very clean.

  2. Blackwidow says:

    nice bike I’d put a more rounded rear fender

  3. B.Mell says:

    Where did you get the pipes at? did you make them?

  4. norm younger says:

    Nice apes.