almost down 81


Write about your XS650.: lot of custum work if i figure out wiring & finish paint itl be great pics smeak for them selvse later.





  1. 58dub says:

    Absolute work of art. love it

  2. josh says:

    killer build. i would just take out the z bar and put in 8 bend pull back jobs. that would be sick. either way this is a righteous build.

  3. mike says:

    thanx on comments new at computer stuff i think i put this in twice but will try to put in finished pics soon

  4. bikerfreedom says:

    YES!!!! Absolute work of art. send in more pictures when you get this bike finished!!! Please. Take-out the zbars bars though and put smaller ones in. Nice work though.

  5. Idaho Chad says:

    stoked to see the stock peg mount frame section kept on a hardtail. peter fonda would whip this bitch and so would I !!! haah!!! keep it up and more pics!!!!

  6. michael says:

    supper nice old school!

  7. Kevin says:

    Yeah, super old school! But please take that stock tank off. Thank you. Oh, and I agree with the 6 or 8 bends. Just my $0.02

  8. What can you tell me about changing the rake? What degree are you at and what was the process? Yer sick.

  9. mike says:

    hey thanks, if not seen it, new ones are on under ( the 81 is done-the long purple monster) with info on rack later

  10. Pat Nice says:

    how are the bars? im short not 6 ft hate drag bars for the ride how are those attack z bars? what like?

  11. sean from boston says:

    I really like this I love the fact you used the stock tank and made it look GREAT!

  12. Cyrus-ahlman says:

    whatever anyone says, dont ditch any parts, dont switch your bars, make it how you want it. I think the stock tank flows perfectly with the bike, and makes an ugly thing look super super cool, nobody can seem to pull of the stock tank with their bikes, but this does it justice, love the old school build.