Chopper Re-Chop! 1972 XS 650


Got it a few weeks back. It was an attempt at a chopper that someone did not want anymore. As you can see it had 6″ dog bones with drag bars a home made king and queen seat with a 3 foot sissy bar. The rake on the neck was done well but the back was pooched they welded the swingarm removed the shocks and welded in gussets and struts about 20 lbs worth and narrowed the back so much that the rear wheel axle is 3/4′ out of square to keep the tire from rubbing.


I removed the bars seat and sissy bar before i even loaded it in the van (And left them behind!). As soon as I got home I threw a set of clubman bars on and rode her around a little, runs okay. Now the Re-Chopping begins.


I already started on a tank before I got the bike But may go with the Honda tank thats on it. I’ll up date when she is looking better…

Crazy Tony


  1. chevy53 says:

    start choppin lol, looks like a good bike to fix and redo tho.
    good luck

  2. REEB! says:

    Not a big fan of ridged swingarms. Just throws the whole geometry off. You do have a nice bike and I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Crazy Tony says:

    Getting ready to kick it in to gear, I’m putting the drive train in a slightly modified stock frame just to ride. As I begin the Chopper Re- chop. I still need to build my frame jig but I’ve got all the goodies.
    Wish me luck…….

  4. Sean from boston. says:

    looks like a good project! looking better already cant wait for the updates!

  5. Crazy Tony says:

    Been busy for a while, but i’m back on the project! Have the base for my frame jig built and painted. Got the chopper frame almost bare (only the motor left) and have the beginings of a street tracker XS frame ready to to throw the motor in so I have something to ride while the Re-Chopping continues. I’m sending in some new pix to show where i’m at… PS. I picked up 3 complete parts bikes on E-Bay last week so now I have 5 XS 650’s a 72,77,79,80 & 81. I guess you could call that XS to Excess!

  6. norm younger says:

    i like the white.