Lo Bob


Write about your XS650.: One of three projects heading to Ebay from Whitehorse Creations. Our goal to make budget custom riders using Yamaha 650 platform. This particular bike has 11″ extended swing arm to accomodate frame cutting and lowering ; to end up with 17″ seat height.



Battery floats between swing arm with electrics in HD side tool boxes. Pipes were hand made with Supertrapp tips for that Brit sound. Forward controls and ( no ) reach bars for comfort. Quick release seat. Quick release brake rod (for emergency starting). Polished stainless inserts, cat eye taillight, nology plug wires, K&N’s and alloy rims also used. Handling is surprising due to low center of gravity. And it is comfortable! and for sale locally.



  1. BigJimmyW13 says:

    I’m at a loss for words. I like the innovation, but not necessarily the whole flow of the bike. Of course: to each, his own. How did you modify the swing arm?

  2. Puker says:

    Very interesting. It’s a good thing you’re not running velocity stacks… you might loose your junk if you take a ride in some shorts.

  3. tadd442 says:

    Ditto @Puker….my belly would choke it out!

  4. adam says:

    yep my gut would strangle that engine

  5. BigJimmyW13 says:

    Ha never even thought about that complication… Imagine having to adjust the mixture screw due to your gut?

  6. chevy53 says:

    i like the creativity, but i dont like the bike.

  7. REEB! says:

    Speechless. Ill just leave it as that…….

  8. Tech7 says:

    I don’t feel it..

  9. DanJ says:

    That is the funkiest xs650 I’ve ever seen.

  10. coby138 says:


  11. james says:

    damn can you say human taco!! super sketchy!

  12. Pickles says:

    Gotta say, I’ve never seen anything like it. Different is what two wheel death machines are all about right?!

  13. armand says:

    holy crap thats crazy!!

  14. Bodhi says:

    so what are we calling it…

    the barca lounger bike.

    I will say this , I stretched my swingarm 2 inches and used 8 inches of solid plug with 2 going to the stretch and 3 per end going into the tubes. Then i had a piece of 1/2x 5/8 welded along the entire length of the arm. Its my wifes bike and although she’s heavily insured, she does cook for me.

    11 inches is alot of stretch.

  15. Billybobba says:

    BLAAAAH that mate is as ugly as a wombat on heat!!!

  16. ChrisB says:

    Wow. Er. What. Oh. But. Wow.

  17. Salas says:

    Lo Bob when is this bike going on ebay, I’m interested in bidding.

  18. angus67 says:

    gross. im interested in bidding justto save the poor thing from this murderer. ewww. nice harley toolbox though. or is that a cheap chinese knock-off?

  19. Abe Froman says:

    One testicle per cylinder !

  20. Don russ says:

    you should call it the nut sucker. If you get too close to the carbs its gonna suck your nuts in. lol, looks like you can take a nap while your ride that thing. Does it come with a mattress?

  21. Doc Sabkat says:

    It’s definately a strange machine, love it or hate it I know exactly what what was going on here. Take a look at the Dan Gurney’s Gator motorcycles: http://www.allamericanracers.com/alligator/alligator_home.html From what I’ve read they’re pretty damn good handling bikes.

  22. hausey187 says:

    I’m sorry, but to each his own. It doesn’t matter to me what the bike looks like. As long as the owner likes it then it’s an A plus in my book. This bikes not my style, but i love the fact that he went out of his way to make something different than the regular hardtailed norm. Too many of these bikes are looking the same.