Maine Bobbaaaaahhhh!!!


This is my first rigid bike…. and I Love it!!!!!!!!!!   Started the project back in March when a buddy of mine started showing me XS bobbers, and told me he would build me one if I found a bike, the next day I came home with the bike, a 1981 XS650 Heritage Special.


We started the tear down that night, and he (shout out, Brian Boilard)  finished the bike three weeks ago. Can’t stop riding it, gets a ton of attention and people love it, not too bad for his first build. It’s been ported and polished, cammed, and tuned, she’s a one kicker.




Hope you like it, thanks XS650chopper for the sweet site, love to check out everyones hard work. peace


  1. Mister says:

    Bike is looking good, Im jealous of your spoke wheels. I have a 81 as well but I got mags, Damn!

  2. Sean from boston says:

    Bike looks dam good!

  3. tadd442 says:

    Top Notch!

  4. Sloaner says:

    Hey, I’ve been lurking around this site for some time and this is my first comment. I just had to let you know that this is the kind of bike that I want to build. My first bike was an xs400 I bought 6 months ago and while reading up on it, I came across this site and was hooked!!! There are a lot of very cool bikes out there that I love to look at, but this is what I want to build….to own….and to ride!!! Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it myself. I can’t afford to pay someone to do it and I don’t have any friends that can help. So for now, I must live vicariously through you.

    I love the spokes, the tires, the bars and the colors on the motor. Very cool bike!!

  5. Mario says:

    Thanks everybody for the comments. “Sloaner” if you are close to Maine I would be more than glad to help you out. I would of never got this done without a good friend of mine. Mister There’s a story behind the spoked wheels that almost made me get mags..

  6. Jason says:

    Nice bike, I’m am looking to build on soon, any help you can give I’m only in Mass not too far away. I could use some help

  7. Spun says:

    Ayuh…wicked good 🙂

  8. Rusty Nutz says:

    Burt and I think that’s a bobbah, ayuh.

  9. Broman says:

    You made some really sound choices for this ride. I put a lot of stock in rims and tires and you have picked a couple of my favs. I am wondering what the rims/spokes are. where can I get some?


  10. Mario says:

    Thanks, actually the wheels are stock, they are what came on the Heritage Special, I love them too, they really do set the bike off.

  11. Brettski says:

    Yessuh, that’s one sweet scootah! I noticed you registered it as an antique (no stickah needed, dontcha know). Do you ever get hassled by the troopers for havin’ the weld-on hardtail and no front fender? The reason I ask is (as I’m sure you already know), the inspection manual states “no weld-on hardtails” and “must have a front fender” and technically a vehicle registered as an antique is supposed to be “un-altered”, whatever that actually means. I might like to go the same route as you did and just wondered if they ever even notice it.

  12. Mario says:

    Hahahaha, Shhhhhhhhhh…. don’t tell anybody, so far so good, I don’t think the police around here even know what they are looking at, they just gawk at it as they drive by and probably assume it is way older than it really is…… yeah, I know what the rule book says, but i don’t make the rules, I just break’em, hahahaha This state is super strict on people with altered vehicles 🙁 If you go the same route as I did, may luck be on your side. Peace

  13. Jesse says:

    Man amazing bike! What type of hard tail is that ?

  14. Jesse says:

    i can’t get over how good this bike looks…..

  15. Mario says:

    Thanks Jesse, the hard tail is from TC-Bros. I plan on reposting soon with better pic’s, it was raining out and I just couldn’t wait to post to the site lol. peace

  16. Heinz Thunderclap says:

    Great bike man. I am a sucker for spoked wheels. Go spoked or go home I always say. My engine is getting rebuilt as we speak and I am gunning for my horse to be done by next summer. I will post pics as I go. I really like your bars and how they compliment the gauges. My engine is going black too I cant wait to get it back so I can giver and just build. Great job dude. Props.

  17. Tony says:

    Hey Man, Awsome job on the bike. I’m in the middle of building mine, a 1981 xs650 Special. Just wondering if you are close to Bangor Maine. Not many people around here building 650’s. It would be cool to meet you and maybe check out your bike up close. Thanks—-Tony

  18. Mario says:

    Hey Tony, I’m located in Biddeford. Any time you would like to meet up to check the bike out I can make time. E-mail me @ [email protected]

  19. sean from boston says:

    Great looking bike.

  20. Kaveeks says:

    Sweet bike ya Maine-iac!!!

  21. Dennis says:

    hey, is it possible to put that rear rim up front?? I REALLY *WANT* the fat front 16″.

  22. Michael says:

    I just bought this sweet bobber bring on spring!!!!