Back from the dead (Suicide Ride)

Here is what I came up with for my suicide clutch. There seems to be a lot of questions as to how to set up a clutch linkage without a cable. Here is how I did mine. I first removed the push screw from the left side housing, removed the adjuster and lock nut and drilled out the threads using a 5/16 bit.

Remove the ball bearing and clean all of the shavings out and put the bearing back in.
Next thread a 5/16 bolt through a coupling nut and insert the shaft of the bolt into the push screw as far as you can to align the coupling nut to the push screw.

Clamp in a vice, lightly, just enough tension to hold every thing together squarely and tack weld the coupling nut to the push screw directly above the teath not in the lands. You may have to hand dress your welds with a file to get everything to work smoothly, I did.

You now have a new adjuster and the ball bearing is now re-captured behind the coupling nut. don’t forget to put a regular nut on the bolt to act as a lock nut.

The coupling nut extends the push screw far enough out to put a lever on. I used a craftsman wrench that I cross drilled and threaded so that I could use two set screws to hold it in place. There dose not seem to be enough side load to “require” a support bearing but I’ll have to wait and see just to be sure.

Eric Plough


  1. Reeb! says:

    That’s all good but where did u go with it after that?

  2. Nice tech tip. Can’t believe I never thought of a cable-less setup for a suicide clutch. Awesome

  3. puker says:

    Nice. I love tech stuff. Whether I’d use it or not, it’s such a great resource to see someone else’s efforts. Here’s a little easy seat pan bend I did…

  4. Eric Plough says:

    Reeb, I shortened, drilled and tapped a hole in the wrench and connected it to the foot controll with a rod, heim joint and small tie rod end.
    Ninjas, thanx, with the TC Bros. forwards a “push” was nessessarry a cable is of course a “pull”. So far so good.
    Puker, thanks for both compliment and the tip on the seat pan. I’m not crazy about mine and I think I’ll be using your lil tip to make a new one. So simple that you feal stupid that you didn’t think of it yourself, awesome.


  5. Reeb! says:

    I got ya now cool piece of info. Thanks