Keiths New Toy


I traded for this bike last week . I traded a 150cc scooter i think i got the better end on the deal . Cant wait to ride next summer . Thanks for looking . God Bless and ride safe.



  1. adam says:

    sweet bike man.are those pipes loud?lol awesome

  2. JET36 says:

    Is that a hard tail? Hard to tell? I think you got a better deal. Enjoy!

  3. Reeb! says:

    Ahh looks kind of cheesy. A fake hard tail and a drop seat. I wander why it only took a scooter to trade.

  4. The Flying Imp says:

    You’ll be able to take the wife and kids out for a sunday drive on that thing hahaha

  5. silvestre r says:

    i like your bike, cuestion? no te quemas con el escape tan cerca dela pierna?