luv grinds xs650


1978 xs650 built by luv grinds motorcycles out of Japan.  It is sporting a 21 inch rim laced to a drum break hub. The front forks have been lowered a bit.



The bike is set up with a foot clutch and suicide shift.


1978 xs650 built by luv grinds motorcycles out of Japan.


  1. leadfist says:

    Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy very nice. One of the greats.

  2. fanoboss says:

    Cool Bike, but the pipes are not of my taste.

  3. HAPPY DAN says:

    Cool foot clutch.

  4. mackxxx says:

    amazing! But hey, white pipes!?!? wtf?

  5. hooversama says:

    dig the bike, not the pipes.

  6. Yeah. Nice, what’s the front hub from, she’s beaute! The pipes do distract a bit I gotta admit, but ya’ gotta get outta the box sometimes, eh? Nice work.

  7. sean from boston says:

    mean looking.. i love it and the pipes are a cool touch, to each there own

  8. fanoboss says:

    I do hope each posting of pics here on reveal artistry and individuality. Some other sites have become stuffy and repressive. Let’s be GREEN and GROWING !!! NOT DEAD AND BROWN !!!! again great BIKE !!!

  9. jeff says:

    easily one of the best bikes thats been on here in a bit…it took me a minute, but im diggin the pipes

  10. max says:

    bike is sick!
    not really digging the pipes though

  11. Joshua Rasmussen says:


  12. reynoldburton says:

    white pipes save lives!

  13. JET36 says:

    Sick bike! Sick controls!. Pipes………….nooooooooooooooooooooooo……

  14. benny G says:

    Everything about this bike is so rad. Except for the pipes! 😉

  15. Reeb! says:

    Nice colors and control set up. I could live with the pipes if they were straight.

  16. rusty says:

    maybe reeb can publish a tutorial so we can all see what we did wrong

  17. fanoboss says:

    LMAO @ Rusty !