My 2011 TCU BBO XS

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Started with a ’79 engine and frame. Did my usual underbraced swingarm to allow for the type of drop seat I like (think modern Kong). No stretch on either swingarm or frame- I like the bike small and tight.


Picked up a random 70’s springer and cut it to fit, lopping off about 10″ of length in the process. It is of course kick only, and running Mr. Rigg’s batteryless system.


Handles surprisingly well, and although I’m sure it’s far from the fastest XS, it feels super fast because of your proximity to the pavement.



Moth design painted by Charles Bogus (

Keith Baskett


  1. Barney says:

    Very nice stance. It’s like a cross between a motocross and a bobber. The back end looks really cool but the seat looks uncomfortable. I know what you mean with low ground proximity by riding pocket bikes. Zero reaction time.

  2. BigJimmyW13 says:

    You actually going to do something with the rear brake or what?

  3. Qball says:

    theres somthing wrong here a few black smudges and a honey in red, is that a mikes xs garter belt?

  4. shawn says:

    effin hot! & the bikes pretty cool too… as stated above my first thought was it doesn’t look very comfortable…

  5. fanoboss says:

    WHERE’S THE FREEKIN’ BIKE AT? that chickie is wayyyyyyy hot. BOING !!!!

  6. BigJimmyW13 says:

    Lol, That’s his wife…. Just in case ya’ll were going to get a little carried away!

  7. fanoboss says:

    wooops, so sorry. ur a lucky man. no offense i hope.

  8. JET36 says:

    How does the carb setup work? Looks like you have 1 stock carb running the show and there is a angle on the carb that looks like it would give you some float problems. It looks real cool. Gives me lots of ideas …
    Pinups and bikes are cool…

  9. Fabbastard says:

    Sure liking this one but er…I think I’d put a teeny rear fender on it for visual balance(but thats just me) Great bike! where can I see a better pic of that swing arm set up? Is it still functional or is it a ridgid now? Good luck with the build off!

  10. sean from boston says:

    looks pretty good but you’d never catch me on it, however I’m glad that you can ride it. I mean no offense it is a great looking bike visually but looks like it hurts to ride

  11. patrix says:

    Distractions ,distractions……hard to focus on the bike! I agree that more loft on the seat height ,..and a slight fender line to match the seat height would greatly improve the visual balance and strength in an otherwise slick design.

  12. earz says:

    Wowza, smokin’ hot chick.

    Bikes pretty rad too, but I want to see a pic of someone riding it. Looks uncomfortable as hell.

  13. BigJimmyW13 says:

    There’s a video at the link that I posted.

  14. Barney says:

    I didn’t see a video at that link but that is a crazy ass brake setup there. Shoulda named this a death machine LOL.

  15. Tommy Gunz says:

    I feel sorry for her, She married a D-Bag. That is the dumbest bike I have ever seen! I would get caught on a Vespa before that!

  16. james says:

    Tommy gunz you are a jealous douchebag. We all can see through your stupid comment.

  17. james says:

    ^lol I thought my comment got deleted so I toned it down. Either way, TG sucks!

  18. fanoboss says:


  19. Thanks for all the positive comments, guys. The brake setup is waay more functional that you think- that reach back is super easy, right where you want it to be. The think is getting a conventional front drum brake, though.

    It’s not uncomfortable to ride; the only discomfort is really getting on. The whole point was to exaggerate the drop seat thing beyond it’s current level. I wouldn’t have moved the carbs normally, but where they were kinda exactly at you-know-what level, thus the bike (at the time) being called C.O.D.- chokes on idont’havetoexplainityougetwhatthedisfor.

    It runs pretty well, actually- the cylinders seem to be running equally as far as temp and mixture is concerned; it was a scary moment at first for sure, though. It suffered a performance loss due to the mono carb setup, I’m sure, but honestly I’m not a racer anyway.

    Also, thanks for the compliments on the wifey. I like her a bunch, too.

  20. Barney says:

    Great job, it definately is extreme!

  21. fanoboss says:

    : )>

  22. billybobber says:

    I guess you’ve never seen the results of someone slide off he seat and onto the back wheel…I have, I helped load him into the back of ambulance, he cant walk now.

  23. billybobber says:

    Oh yeh since I’m in a prick mood cause I pulled out a kid from a car wreck today that was caused by a loser in an unroadworthy vehicle, get yourself a front brake you tosser, theres other people on the roads that would appreciate if you didn’t slam into them because you can’t stop in time, sometimes its not about you.

  24. Although I appreciate the feedback, I have to apologize for the phone-induced typo; the above post of mine is supposed to read that the bike IS getting a drum front, and I think that’s pretty contextually clear anyway.

    I’m also appreciative of your concern for my safety, but I think perhaps we have different ideas of what that word means anyway. Out of all the years I’ve been riding, exactly zero of my bikes have had fenders of any kind and this will mark the first with a front brake. I am not one to believe in my immortality, but I am one to think that knowing how YOUR bike should be ridden in the form it is in matters more than quibbling over equipment. Example: my riding habits include keeping a simply stupid amount of space between myself and any cars in front or possibly in front or could conceivably wrangle to being in front of me, from years of front brakelessness. This means that I’m often totally putting at or well below the speed limit instead of fooling myself into thinking that I have a sportbike, or a machine with modern Brembo stopping power. And that’s fine. It’s what I like. If we all liked the same style of riding, there would be no point in the variation of bikes here.

    The bit that annoys me is that somehow you are alleging that my aesthetic choices place me in a more stupid category than someone stunt riding on the street or someone who rides “after a few”. I think it’s more about how you approach the limitations imposed by your machine than by seeking to create a world with no variables. The sad fact is I will NEVER be able to stop a cager from pulling out directly in front of me or an elk from jousting with my face. Instead I just try to ride sensibly and without hurry, concious of my real abilities and surroundings.

  25. fanoboss says:

    @Keith baskett, I think that you just made everyone a little smarter. You did me. Thanks : )>

  26. fanoboss says:

    …and while we are at it. I just showed MY WIFE the wonderful model who posed with this bike. She is a perfect model for this site and, imho , the lifestyle of the xs650 community. She RAWKS !!!

  27. JET36 says:

    We are a community that takes a safe bike and then cuts it in half and make it our own. We all have safety on the mind but I think for me safety comes in 3rd. I prove my stuff by keeping it under 50 for little bit. We all do it..
    Cool bike
    I alway get a kick out of that guy that calls out a bike.. that vespa guy made me laugh

  28. fanoboss says:

    @ billybobber, I’m guessing that you’re from a country that is not the U.S.A. We have lots of freedoms here and it is dependent on all of us all to be safe. I understand your “PRICK MOOD” , but anyone who cycles for more than a year KNOWS someone who has been in a scooter crash. I’ve been in several. We are all adults expressing ourselves as we see fit. Let’s try to keep this site as light as possible, there are enough stories in real life to bring us all down. thanks : )>

  29. fanoboss says:

    btw, piss me off and I will run the comments up over 200 !!!! LMAO

  30. billybobber says:

    My apologies for the front brake dig, I did misread it, I standby my rear mudguard comment though, why in all honesty would you ride a bike with no rear guard??? It doesnt even look cool, based on my optic nerve and sense of artistry, some of the best bikes on this site are visually enhanced by a rear mudguard. Flesh is soft and spinning tyres take advantage of this as they chomp through you muscles and tendions…..I don’t get it?
    Also I didnt make any comparisons with your riding habits and scrotums that do “stunt riding” in my trade we call them pole dancers, we are the ones that peel those guys off the pole. I was pointing out that riding without a front brake for the sake of ones vanity is a very selfish act, but since I misread your wording I retact that and apologise.
    We have similair freedoms to you guys over here in Aussie.
    I wasn’t knocking your build overall, I think you’ve done an admirable job with some really nice steelwork, theres some nice lines there. I say what I see, and a bike with no rear guard is just poor design.
    I’m actually riding from Chicago to Dallas in three weeks on a bike with with a rear mudguard, so if you see a Fatboy with a small Aussie flag please dont throw empty beer bottles at me, I’m actually a reasonable fella that has seen to much senseless carnage on the roads much of it caused by selfish stupidity. Hope you guys have a good day, Mine was great.

  31. I’m hardly offended at the difference of opinion regarding rear fenders- they are, for the most part, useful. My aesthetic is essentially based on an antipode to a bagger, and maybe that’s why I’ve always loathed them.

    And let’s not forget: it’s you doing me a favor here by taking your time to talk about my bike with me. I’m sure there are heaps of people who would find the whole build absolutely offensive, stupid, ugly, and just plain wrong; they just haven’t chosen to grace me with that feedback. Except for Tommy above. And honestly? That doesn’t offend me either. I’d like to think that I got what I was asking for by posting my bike on such a well-visited site.

    And I’m super jealous of that ride! I’m stuck in the only place in the US that still gets snowed on. Pretty bummed! Ride safe, have a sweet time, and I hope you see some cool stuff in my country. If you’re passing through NW Arkansas, let me know, as I have VERY motorcycle-savvy friends there, should you need anything.

  32. fanoboss says:

    @ billybobber, apology accepted. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI !!!! be safe , glad your coming over. GOD BLESS : )>

  33. fanoboss says:

    …I’m sure there may have been 1 or 2 people thinking, “O GOD, PLEAZE NO MORE FAN!!!”. FAN’s RANT DIVERTED !!! LOL

  34. fanoboss says:

    @ Keith baskett, thanks for using the word “antipode” nows eyez bees smartr . it means opposite btw.

  35. Ole bastard says:

    ”killer bike” keep on chopping ” Dig the drop seat mount