Bob millerleile – Ridin durty


This bike has been thru alot. I bought it stock with blown aprt clutch components and pissin carbs. Its a 77 xs and to start in the tranny its a 82 tranny with 5th overdrive and a grinded screwdriver for a clutch push pin haha. The velocity stacks are flower vases i picked up at a garage sale for two bucks haha.


The frame is a David baird hardtail and misc. lowbrow stuff. The forks were shaved in a lathe and wheels were mags but i switched to harley 21 front and 16 rear.



This is just a sample give me about a month and i have the finished bike up here!


  1. Chirs Gaskin says:

    Nice job…keep the pics coming

  2. Poverty says:

    Yes!! This Bike Just got My Momentum Going again to finish mine ..( Pursue no title or buy a new frame lol) .. Love the Bike though !! Especially Love the Stacks..can wait for more Pics

  3. Guy says:

    WOW…the backbone upright looks close to the carbs. I like the way ya think…you see flower vases…I see parts for my chop thank you very much!!! Don’t forget the updated post when she’s done…( are they ever done? )

  4. Piute says:

    Those Tires N rims make it look like one wild curb jumper,”flower vase”I like the way you think,keep it going,Been A H.D. guy all my life ,but these are a whole new/different (ideas)of builds,Hey knocking on 50 been running cruisers 30+,I just wont to have now. BE Cool . Piute

  5. Barney says:

    Interesting tires, kind of a cross between dirt bike and street. I like the look without a rear fender, it looks agressive even though i assume you aren’t going to leave it that way. The “vases” look cool, how were they to attach?

  6. patrick says:

    Awesome build .. I picked up the looped david bird frame .. just waiting for it to arrive.. how did the fit ago when it was put on.. I like the vase/stacks as well .. keep us posted

  7. bob says:

    Haha thanks …. those pipes are gone and I fabbed my own shotgun over under style with 1-3/4 tube and mr lucky brass tips. The vases well I just seen them on some guys front yard display and eyeballed them to fit over my carbs oh and they are held on by typical hose clamps. Ill be sure to keep you guys updated. Thanks! Bob

  8. Old bastard says:


  9. Fabbastard says:

    The vases are a nice touch!

  10. Nemsis says:

    Nice job I’m building one real similar. Are those Shinko 705 tires? That’s what I’m running.

  11. sean from boston says:

    love the stacks! I have the same weld on hardtail, how do you like it? looks really good! loving the overall look

  12. sean from boston says:

    I really like the support also <3 the Vdub bro

  13. birdhouse says:

    what kind of tires are those and what is the size of the tires? thanks a bunch, bike lookss awesome.

  14. Tre13 says:

    So what kind of tires are the?