Dannys xs / build by ELSWICK CYCLES

Back Camera

Image in my head

Danny- This 1972 XS was a build by ELSWICK CYCLES. I had an image in my head of how I wanted this bike to look so I got together with Rob from ELSWICK and we talked about measurements and the overall look of the bike. This is what we came up with.


I bought the bike on Craigslist for $1000.

Here is a picture of the bike before we started working on it.


The bike runs really good and it took about 10 months to build. The engine really didn’t have work done to it just replaced gaskets and took apart for blasting and polish.



Here are some of the details.

  • Engine: Year 1972 Yamaha Xs650
  • Builder-  Elswick Cycles
  • Carburetor – Mikunis
  • Ignition – Pamco
  • Exhaust – Elswick Cycles
  • Gas Tank –  Modified Cole Foster
  • Frame –  5 inch Over hardtail by Elswick Cycles
  • Rake –  33 –
  • DNA Springer frontend


Back Camera

This bike has so much custom work done to it, the pictures do it no justice. I recommend ELSWICK CYCLES to anyone building a bike, their high quality parts and there’s nothing they can’t build. THANKS AGAIN ROB AND JAIME.

Danny Alcala

Love the website Ted. This is what got me into the Xs scene. Thanks for the site.


  1. lil grom1t says:

    Are they going to sell those pipes? they are best lookn xs pipes ive seen, great lookn bike

  2. Morgan says:

    She’s a beaut, Clark. A real beaut.

  3. jason says:

    awesome rear brake mount! very good lookin scooter!

  4. Jeff says:

    Very nice!

  5. Skriblz says:

    Thats F-in sick I love it

    It even looked good before the built

    Good job

  6. Piute says:

    Love the Springer,take some tyme to get used to,so get that tyme in lets ride.

  7. Fabbastard says:

    Nice build, those white walls look great on those spoked rims too.

  8. Nice build. I notice you’ve got a softail rear caliper setup there. What did you do to get an xs sized sprocket mounted to the harley wheel?

  9. JohnnyWad says:

    2nd on the pipes! they would look good on my XS

  10. anthony says:

    I’ve loved this bike since I first saw build pics. Amazing

  11. Mikey G. says:

    REALLY NICE BUILD!!!! I always look forward to the next post, and yours was no disappointment! I am so into these builds, and yours is another fine example. Love the individuality that each person expresses. There is always something that I take away from each post, if not just a big ‘ol grin and a “right on, man!” Thanks for contributing to this archive of sweet XS’s.

    Now, as for your bike: Love the left side pipes high and tight. The slash cuts on the bend radii look bitchin’. Has a really nice stance, but the more I look at the 5″ stretched tails (like mine) the more I think they are a bit long. Love the seat, did you do it yourself? I’ve got a black Biltwell solo, but I think I’ll trade it in for something more custom like yours. Tooled leather stretched over a rolled pan, maybe laced around the edges.

    Cool scoot, man !!!

  12. rozz says:

    @I am 10 ninjas- Rebel Gears did a sprocket for me for a harley fat boy solid mag. I’m sure they have them for that rim as well. I don’t know it may be the same. They do good quality work though. Check em out. All you have to do is call them and tell em what you want. No hastle.

  13. Guy says:

    Looks so simular to others I’ve seen…yet so different at the same time…This is really really nice, I love it!!!

  14. The Flying Imp says:

    That bike has unreal class! Great job man.

  15. Hans from Holland says:

    Great bike with great looks. Really like the rearbrake set-up. Well done Danny !!!

  16. michael steele says:

    shes hot very awesome love seeing different types of xs’s

  17. Danny xs says:

    The springer works ok it could be better but I’m already use to it so I’m fine with it

  18. Danny xs says:

    Thanks for the good feed back everyone!

  19. Danny xs says:

    The seat was a lucky find. I got it on eBay its a 138 leather works

  20. Pack Rat says:

    very nice

  21. Sean from boston says:

    I like the look it’s different classic but futuristic great super clean

  22. Nicke says:

    Sweet Jesus! That is one beautiful bike.

  23. Vinh says:

    Is that the XS1665D hardtail from Elswick?

  24. Aussie bobber says:

    That is one slick ride brother!! Fkn love it! How much did it cost if u don’t mind me asking? Wanna get elswick or ardcore to build a ride and get it shipped to oz! Cheers for ur time.. Matt

  25. Usp222 says:

    What are the handle bars u have for your springer. They are sweet.

  26. Rat says:

    I’m sure that Elswick does nice work when they actually do it. First you need to get a reply back from them to place an order and if and when they do you better hope that when you place that order and pay for that purchase that they actually fill your order because there is a good chance that you wont see your purchase or your money not to mention get any response to phone calls or emails afterwards. Just my experience “BEWARE”