74 Drager – Dmitry D


I picked up this 74 TX650A off craigslist in April for $350. There wasnt much to it, as the guy started to cafe racer it out, so there was no tank, handle bars, seat, basically motor and wheels and a bunch of miscellaneous parts in boxes. Only thing i could check is the motor turned over, luckily, cause its been sitting out in the yard prob a good couple years.

The build went pretty smooth, i fabbed the hardtail, seat, pipes and handle bars. Picked up an old yamaha tank from the Boise Vintage, hand controls off a xs750.


Will most likely will pick up a nicer rear fender and new tank, from TCBros and the current upgrade is a Pemco ignition, my timing keeps getting tweaked for some reason.



  1. Guy says:


  2. fish says:

    keep the pics comming

  3. fanoboss says:

    Looking Great so far : )>

  4. Fabbastard says:

    Coool build so far, and the rear fender looks good to me but if your getting the wet strip up your back then I suppose. The tank looks good too (I’d just paint it and move the seat back another inch or 3). Is that a Bat or lunch box hanging under the head light?

  5. steve96mc says:

    Parts from the Boise Vintage? You a Idaho boy? Cool bike!

  6. Dmitry says:

    Thanks guys, first build, tons of fun and many pbrs down, representing Boise Idaho area for sure. Would anyone recommend pipe supressor inserts, running straight right now, way loud but way bad ass.
    Is there a way to add more pics to this post, i have tons of the build process etc.

  7. steve96mc says:

    I bought inserts for my pipes but have never even pushed them into the pipe. It is only loud under full throttle and still not as loud as my employers Harley. How many xs builders you know of in the Boise area? I live in Eastern Idaho and know of 6 done or are being chopped at this time but mine and my son’s are the only ones running right now. There are a couple real close to running though. send me more picts of your build to steve96mc@gmail.com

  8. Dmitry says:

    my buddy had a suzuki bobber but is getting into an xs here pretty soon, i’ve seen a cafe racer style xs running but no bobbers that i’ve seen in person, sure there is a couple out there.

  9. sean from boston says:

    headlights a bit small for my taste but other than that looks killer dude