Deuce Bob Build # Deuce


Brady- I love my XS650! What more can I say?

Its a 1982 xs650 and a year in the making here she is. I purchased it for $600 from a guy in Oklahoma which he was using it as a parts bike. My vision of the bike started out much different than what it looks like today. This was my first build and and cant wait to start my next one.
Most of everything on this bike was built by yours truly. I fabricated the forward controls, handlebars, license plate and tail light mount, brake and shift linkage, electrical box, battery box, saddle bag, seat cover, bmx pedal kickstart, and numerous tabs. I used 1 inch bars, with Harley throttle, and Harley Spoon clutch lever.


Notice in a few pictures that I HAD a fender until it rattled loose, and wedged itself between the rear tire and battery box doing about 50 mph.
I dont know why but I purchased a seat pan that I could have just made myself, but I ended up going with a G&L Hardtail with a 4″ stretch.


I used a 1959 Cadillac Tail light. Some Harley guys would kill me but the tank I got off a AMF Harley Sportster, but oh well it sure does look nice on my XS (Ebay $45). A saving grace was the electronic ignition, with high output coil that I purchased from Mikes XS.


If you notice some pictures has a rear fender and some don’t. Well, just in case you were wondering loctite that guy in place. OR it will rattle loose at 50 mph and wedge itself between the tire and battery box. It took a cutting torch to get it out. But luckily it didn’t split my tire. So its fenderless from now on.

Brady Carter


  1. The Unabonger says:

    That taillight is a hoot!

  2. Guy says:


  3. Barney says:

    LOL, i think it’s funny when people say the bike is exactly how they imagined. I don’t have the money to do that but I have noticed my build has been evolving over time. Somethings turn out the way you wanted or planned and some things don’t.

    Funny, I was having the biggest pain in the ass mounting the unnecessary rear fender. Something so simple taking forever. Just hope you don’t get your ass caught between the tire and battery box!

  4. RightSaidFred says:

    I really like the overall style with the bars and all…flows nicely. i prefer to leave the case aluminum, but i definitely dig the shade of blue on the tank. definitely nice work for your first bike!

  5. Fabbastard says:

    Looks better without the rear fender anyway!

  6. fanoboss says:

    Fabb, I was thinking the same thing. Fender-less on THIS bike looks cool. I just hate to hear siht bounce off my bucket. It is great to see 2 nice ones side by side.

  7. Piute says:

    You dont need no freakin mud flap,unless you carry two helmets in this brain bubble state.(for a back seat)

  8. Sean from boston says:

    Definatly a cool looking bike! I really like the flow and that last picture is great

  9. Jorge says:

    That bike is pretty cool. Like this way.

  10. Chris says:

    Thats pretty sweet. Any more pics of the other xs in the last pic?

  11. Brady says:

    Thanks for all the positive comments. I wasnt sure how everyone would respond to it.

    Here is the link to the first bike we built. Since then my brother changed the paint scheme.

  12. El Gaucho says:

    I thought I was the only one with that rear fender problem, lol. I’m painting the “new” rear fender tomorrow. Fender number one will hang on the garage wall as a reminder of how NOT to mount a fender………