WWII Rat Bike


This is my 81 xs650, which i purchased from a friend, he needed the money, and i was looking for a project.  When he bought it, the bike was all flat black, and rust.  It ran, kinda…..  A mutual supposedly went through the carbs, and everything else, and it started running a little better.  


At that point my buddy decided to repaint it, and after he finished, it wouldnt run anymore…..  So it sat for a yr and a half.  I offered him 500 for it and another 200 for an old kz440 he had laying around, the kz soon found a new home, and i decided to make something of the old xs.



After spending two months trying to rework the carbs, i finally got them close enough that it will run, and just need now to get them zeroed in.  Let me know what you all think.

Brian Lambert II


  1. Sean from boston says:

    It looks cool but also super low how do you like taking corners with it?

  2. Guy says:


  3. Piute says:

    dump the mags,beast is mean looking

  4. Barney says:

    Yep, it’s ratty. Like the location of the kickstand, really low. I would probably flat black the pipes if it was mine.

  5. Colocation says:

    I agree with Barney I would paint the pipes black. It’s a beast alright.

  6. Piute says:

    wrap Em. help keep beer cold till ya get home………..Piute

  7. The Unabonger says:

    I’d be careful taking a left turn. It’ll automatically downshift on ya.

  8. fanoboss says:

    A Fatter Ratter !!!

  9. Fabbastard says:

    I’ll bet you scare lotsa little kids with that…..Great job, don’t change a thing its perrrfect!!!

  10. mike says:

    what’s with the OD green??????????? drop down and give me twenty soldier

  11. fish says:


  12. Brian says:

    Thanks guys, its still getting more done day by day, like i just got done totally rewiring it.

  13. sgt sleazebag says:

    whoa badass!! ur chain might be rusty

  14. Bodhi says:

    I’m kinda liken the uniqueness of the thing but …….
    the seat seems disproportionate to the rest of the build.
    I might suggest a tractor seat with padding, cut down a bit
    big tank , big fender, biggggg pipes, big bars, little tiny seat…
    anyway just a thought

  15. Brian says:

    lol on the seat comment, i recently added a 2up king queen seat, (travelcade roadsofa) pretty comfortable

  16. Timeline says:

    Awesome bike. Looks sweet

  17. Dennis says:

    did you put that tank on? what the hell is it?