This was on here about a year ago as the 8 BALL BIKE. We tore it down fixed all the parts and installed a HARLEY front end with 21″ wheel on front and 18″ Harley wheel on back to give it a clean narrow look.


Motor is a stock 650 but plenty of power and only has rear disk brake setup for choppers. Bike is going to be repainted a colr once the new owner decides – now he is just riding it.

Bike is also up for sale in the PHILLY area. Good luck on the bike MIKE



  1. Guy says:


  2. Barney says:

    Doesn’t matter if he’s going to sell it anyway.

  3. norm younger says:

    Nice bike how much?

  4. fanoboss says:

    Cool bike, looks like a blank slate to me…lots of possiblities. Nice pipes too !

  5. Kaveeks says:

    Clean looking bike!!

  6. Dickey says:

    muy bonita la moto, asi quiero hacer la que estoy diseñando pronto mandare foto


    Pipes are Gordon Scott and bike is on CR for $4000.00 and has a lot of custom parts made on this bike. Rode bike for 3 days before i gave it to owner and is very quick and in the right hands this bike can be a show and go bike or buy it for a investment my last customer bike just sold for $4700.00 om EB and two other sold for higher. I have now 25 bikes in the PHILA/NJ/NY/CT/VA area and some have won shows These bike now have become very wanted and stockers are going as high as $1500.00 so this is a steal if you break down all the parts added and put some killer paint on it and i would add a front brake . We are down to 2 bikes left to build and we are closing the doors due to health reasons and there are a lot of great young builders out there to build these bikes and keep it alive.
    Thanks for looking and buying our bikes over the years.

  8. Barney says:

    Ah man, sad news. Good luck!

  9. El Gaucho says:


  10. fish says:

    good luck in your future endeavors, bike looks nice

  11. fanoboss says:

    GOD BLESS YA’ DADDYGCYCLES…prayers said bro : )>

  12. pratstyle says:

    I can’t stand here and be quiet.. I had a bike built by the same builder and its falling apart after a week and only 1 tank of gas. And when I say falling apart im mean it.. Beware of misleadings

  13. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    Haters coming out already and i didn’t build a complete bike just did a BRAT SEAT and used your parts so lets tell it like it is. The swingarm weld cracked but you won’t bring it back for the repair. SORRY!

  14. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    And kick a guy when he is down with the big C and you new that PLUS even got a $400.00 discount off the normal price because i was late on finish. I just love people

  15. fanoboss says:

    @ Daddy. I haven’t seen any pics….still waiting. I am not wanting war of words, I’m not the type to do that anyways. tc DADDYGCYCLES and pratstyle.

  16. fanoboss says:

    btw, this bike is still pretty damn cool.

  17. 650choppa says:

    bike looks pretty good, plain and simple . but beware, i’ve heard and seen bad stuff from daddygcycles, kinda reminds me of black widow choppers. watch out for the welds!

  18. WTF says:

    Google Daddy G Cycles and then ask yourself why he’s closing up shop. Hate to say it, But Rich hasn’t been completely honest with you folks.

  19. pratstyle says:

    i did the google thing , seemed up and up .. and got the short end of the deal.. does anyone know someone reputable in or near North New Jersey

  20. BKallDay says:

    i’ve seen a lot of bashing rich and daddy G cycles and decided to wait till now to put in my two cents. I just got my bike back about a week ago and it f***ing ROCKS!

    I first came in contact with Rich a few years back when i blew out my rear tire on the SIE. I called a few shops and eventualy a guy from his shop came out and helped get me back on the road. Nothing but honest hard work from the start. fast forward a few years later and i approached him to rework my 76cb550. I feel honored to have a daddy g cycle!

    It was a process and at times it was frustrating but you know what? so is going through a serious medical problem which Rich alluded to earlier! If you can build your own, do it. If not give the man the respect and compassion he deserves for putting in DECADES for the love of motorcycles and classic choppers! He is a stand up guy and any complications i had with the build he addressed immediately. hell, i even went down to where he is to get some bench time in and learn about the build.

    keep on keepin on, Rich. Nobody can take away what you have done for the chopper scene and motoring in general!