After searching craigslist and every local place I could think of I might have found a donor just around the corner. This is my ex-father inlaw’s 650 that has been leaning on this tree for who knows how long. it’s really rough and hopefully I can salvage the frame and start from there. Last we knew the motor was free but that was 7 years ago. This little beauty (LOL!) was free and I hope she can become my Lady Marmalade!


  1. Rusty Nutz says:

    Perfect condition for a chop!

  2. mark anthony says:

    this is a great place to start and the price is right . These bikes can be brought back from the dead easier than most bikes , good luck with it

  3. Guy says:


  4. Tebo says:

    Go for it, bro’! My ’75 was leaning up against a shed, no cover for at least that long. If you think it’s siezed, try taking off the generator cover, put a breaker bar on the crank nut, and start bonking the breaker bar with a rubber mallet. My generator had barnacles on it! It was siezed, not the motor. Nothing left but the cleaning up.

  5. Tebo says:

    Oh, yeah, and mine cost me $200.00 and three bottles of booze, so you’re getting away cheap!

  6. HOON says:

    just think what would fall out of that tree in the right season! haha

  7. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    you my friend are my hero

  8. fish says:

    congrats on the find and good luck with the chop

  9. Fabbastard says:

    I think I see a spec of dirty on it, just over on the left there lol. Nice score, good luck with it!

  10. tadd442 says:


  11. fanoboss says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised, with a little work, if she didn’t fire right up.

  12. SINBIN says:

    Well I am bringing it home tomorrow and will probably make sure the motor frees up befor I strip it apart. Give me 4 months and hopefully i will have a finished pic for the site. If i don’t g et too ahead of myself i will try to take pics as the build comes along.

  13. gomez says:

    i really enjoyed seeing your new bike and reading about how you found it.. congrats, and good luck.. it will be interesting to see what becomes of it.. sort of looks like mine!

  14. mark anthony says:

    if it is stuck you can free it up with some mild acid in the cyls , let it soak for a few hours , suck it out with a baster and then refill the cyls with light oil , suck that out , then turn the motor using a big strap wrench on the rotor . Dont try to free it up with the kicker . I have done this to several of my old bikes , they dont smoke or use oil , I just went on a 275 mile ride on my 78 xs650 custom that sat for many years stuck , I have rode it over 8000 miles since I freed it up .

  15. Ted says:

    @ fanoboss – it will definitely fire up – its just a matter of how much work to get it there. I’ve seen bikes way worse than this brought back to life- I remember awhile back I saw a picture of a 650 with a tree growing straight through it.

  16. sean from boston says:

    another one saved good luck

  17. Poverty says:

    My first donor was like this … but after getting it home and a tear down the bottom rails were split from frezzing water