Norms chop


After years of building Harley’s and dealing with all the factories crap and the yuppie weekend Harley riders I decided i needed a change and wanted to build something unique. After restoring a 1980 xs650 for a friend i  fell in love with the yamaha’s engine and set out to build something that resembled me and my tastes. I found this bike as a roller on craigslist and got it home and started building. This is the end result a bike I’m very proud of.


The tank is from a 1983 sportster and the rear fender is from a 1973 Triumoh 650 Tiger. Electronics consist of a Harley Softtail headlight,a Peterbuilt cab marker light as a taillight and 1973 sportster directionals as marklights for night time riding.



Too many close calls in the past riding at night so a little extra light helps. The hand controls are from a triumph catalog and the forward controls are from  a 2001 sportster. Paint was done by me


  1. Guy says:


  2. fanoboss says:

    Love the bar signals.

  3. Tomy chung Ho hA man says:

    Good Job……..I think?

  4. Fabbastard says:

    Thats kind of an evil lookin bike you built, And I’m with ya in the light dept but I’ll bet that front end is pretty bouncy with the small tire eh!

  5. norm younger says:

    I thought it would be at first but it is actually a pretty smooth ride..And ive been riding choppers a long time and can turn this one around on a two lane counrty road pretty easily.

  6. fish says:

    a little info on the frame please

  7. norm younger says:

    The frame was hardtailed and the neck degreed by me. I could have bought a hardtail but i wanted to stretch the bike out a little bit. so I added 6 inches and the neck is 46 degrees. I also made the seat pan and the pipes with TC Bros pipe kit. it is a very good quality kit for the price.

  8. mike lytle says:

    i like the fact that the front wheel is out there a ways, so when you run into somthing you have a chance to bail off in the right direction before you become part of the scene, kind of an early warning device

  9. fish says:

    thanx norm i really like the way your bike stands, not a ape hanger person but the bike as a whole looks right to me

  10. sean from boston says:

    cool looking bike norm! looking real good

  11. Shane Ryans says:

    I like everything but the extended front wheel I feel it takes away from the bike

  12. norm younger says:

    The front wheel is extenteded to set my bike apart from others the current trend is short bobbers and i still have a thing for the longer choppers. just trying to do my part to keep all bikes relevant. I think this thing where bikes go in and out of fad is kinda sad. i love all bikes and think they should be repersented as so.

  13. Fabbastard says:

    (Just for the record) Back in the day when we (as kids) were turning our peddle bikes into choppers, one of the things we used to do was steal a small front wheel off a small bike and put it on the end of a set of stupid long extended forks…. thus mimicing some of the cooler looking choppers with really long forks of the early 70’s….So (although this is not my thing) all in all I’d say you hit it pretty much spot on Norm. The look kinda grows on ya seeing it for the second time!

  14. norm younger says:


  15. john says:

    I’ve noticed that you make frequent comments. Most of them are short and to the point and positive. It’s nice to finally see your ride. I’ll be seventy on my next birthday, so your sled brings back many wonderful (though hazy) memories, if you know what I mean. Nice job, friend.
    But Norm, those Ace Hardware rear fender struts kinda leave me wondering…..