WSDMoto – 1979 Yamaha XS650 Bobber.


This Xs is built by WSDMoto out of orange county CA.

All the components that went into the build are TOP OF THE LINE! There were a lot parts that I initially made/bought for this build that I wasn’t 120% satisfied with so I replaced with the best of the best. Some of the parts and littlest details took months to locate and/or finish. Everything that is on the bike now has been tested and proven to be the best performing and most reliable components out there!


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– Complete top end rebuild
– Bored & honed cylinders and valves re-seated
– New 1 over pistons & rings
– New cam chain, tensioner & guides
– New gaskets, filters, o-rings, hardware etc…

Fuel & Electrical System
– Mikuni VM34 racing carburetors
– Pamco electronic ignition
– 3-phase permanent magnet alternator charging system
– Mini “triple-i” sealed battery



– Custom rigid hard tail frame
– One-off foot controls with knurled brass pegs
– Billet triple clamp
– Fully rebuilt damper-valved front forks
– Custom sprung seat covered by Redtail Leather
– Custom one-off brushed chrome gas tank with hand cast one-off vintage gas cap
– Custom one-off chopper headlight and brass tail-light
– All Balls tapered steering head bearings
– 520 o-ring chain and custom made sprockets

Wheels & Brakes
– Custom aluminum Akront rims
– Custom Stainless Steel spokes and Brass plated SS nipples
– All Balls wheel bearings
– Brembo front 4-piston caliper, rotor and radial master cylinder with SS brake line
– Avon AM20/AM21 tires


The build sheet above is actually pretty basic. There is a lot more that went into the build if you can imagine. All parts used are brand-new.

The only components that were previously used are the engine casings, engine cradle portion of frame, and wheel hubs. All of which were media blasted, re-surfaced and finished for this build. The motor is awesome and starts on the first kick!


Total build time is a little under 9 months. The bike is still new as it has not been on public roads but the motor/transmission/drivetrain have been tested and function perfectly.

It is for sale at $6500 with many extras on craigslist. Located in Southern California.

Youtube Vid /2011/07/wsdmotos-xs650-pipes-2


  1. mike lytle says:

    nice bike. just wandering how you kick start it without the kick start lever??

  2. mike lytle says:

    oh one more thing that gas cap you fabbed is a very cool item, the cam action lever and all. very, very nice thanks for sharing

  3. mike lytle says:

    oh oh one more thing the handlebar accessory in the second pic very nice also a special thanks for sharing that

  4. Old bastard says:

    Is frame left raw metal .”Very nice job”.

  5. Tracy says:

    Hell with the bike I want more of the girl…. 🙂

  6. norm younger says:

    Great bike I saw it on craigslist in california and the price was very fair for the quality of work.

  7. Guy says:


  8. Matt says:

    I tried looking for WSDMoto on line and I could not find them. I am in OC and need some engine diagnostics done. Do you have a contact person or website for them, etc?

  9. jGrubbs says:

    Very nice! I particularly enjoy the headlight, pipes, and the right side of the engine. Very good work

  10. Kaveeks says:

    Sweet bike bradah!!!

  11. Jeroen says:

    Man, I dig this bike.
    The right casing to me is really beautiful
    Only thing when I saw it that it looks a bit like the harbortown bobber.
    Well, a triumph will never be as good as an xs so thats no competition.

    Great bike!


  12. cros36 says:

    Decent bike but the most annoying write up I’ve ever read. Good job on your super custom awesome one off tcbros brand new bobber

  13. WSDMoto says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys!

    I understand that a few things are missing in the pictures (kickstarter, clutch lever & tail light). They just weren’t on the bike for the photos. They’re on the bike now.

    As for the frame, its not bare steel. I wanted the look though, so I had it powdercoated to look as much like bare steel as possible.

    The hardtail is actually one-off. It is not a TC bros piece. You will see that the axle plates are different from TC’s. The angles of the bends and tube lengths are different as well. It may look like it, but it’s not

  14. tom says:

    nice bike. i’m in the process of building one with the 3 phase alternator/ kickstart only. how’s that werkin out fer ya?

  15. Taran Warthman says:

    A polished rear fender would like nice on there.
    Also, how is that rear brake working out for you with the stay positioned how it is?
    I have always heard that the stay needs to be at a 90* in relation to the arm on the plate. Any words on this?

  16. Kendall says:

    Nice Ride, Were can I find the brass allen bolts & hardwear at?

  17. You did our chain tensioner justice. Great build. Inspiring to all kinds of folk.

  18. Wade says:

    Hey sick bike!! Where did you find all the brass screws for the clutch cover etc.?

  19. rt choppers says:

    Yep, ,,,,,,that is really one of the cleanest bike i have seen, f…c’n cool.
    Love it, only bare METAL…
    Thumbs up!!
    Grtzz Rik from Holland.

  20. dungbeetle says:

    Its not a bobber…..guess again…..

    hmmmm….”Everything that is on the bike now has been tested and proven to be the best performing and most reliable components out there!”

    and heres the hook….”The bike is still new as it has not been on PUBLIC ROADS but the motor/transmission/drivetrain have been tested and function perfectly.”


  21. Chuck Jones says:

    That is a nice custom build. I really like the handbar accessory as well.

  22. Anthony says:

    Please send me info for wsdmoto shop can’t find anything on line need phone# and address PLEASE.

  23. Antony says:

    do you make custom crank and engine covers..? those are Sick….. cool bike

  24. mike lytle says:

    i noticed looking at the pics, it doesn’t look like your using the top motor mount. if so, how’s that working out, vibration wise???? thanks, mike

  25. jeffy says:

    Awesome bike man…where did you get your left and right covers on the motor? I love those things man they really set off the bike

  26. James says:

    Hi, can anyone tell me the wheels sizes inc width on this xs, just what I am after.


  27. Pat says:

    I realize this is an older feature for this bike, but I have to ask this question, maybe it might get answered.
    Im guessing the hole for the harley derby oil cover is drilled out of the larger engine cover that it is mounted to? Or is it just mounted ontop of the cover?
    Would it be possible to mount the cover ontop of the right side engine cover by just drilling three holes in the right engine cover and bolting it on? It would be purely cosmetic and would serve no purpose except to break up the cover and hide the yamaha writing. Would this generate any problems???