XS bobber – raceing twist to it.


This is a 1975 xs with 6000 original miles on the motor. I bought the bike from a guy who had already started the project. He was going for the oldschool bobber look. I like that look, but had to put a raceing twist to it. I custom built the rear fender out of a boat trailer fender.


Built the fender brackets, custom built the intake manifold added 32 MM mikuni’s. She runs like a dream.


justan blair


  1. Guy says:


  2. Steve says:

    Nice bike . What jets did you use in the carbs ?

  3. lil gromit says:

    exhaust looks sweet, u make it? nice work

  4. The Flying Imp says:

    Is your back tire 18” if so what kind of tire is that and where do you get it? Killer bike by the way man she looks fun.

  5. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    Awesome, really looks good. that exhaust is looks great and the intake manifolds are killer

  6. fish says:

    I like your bike nice job

  7. fanoboss says:

    I love it all except the front brake line. I would love to hear this. This is a cool build,

  8. Guy says:


  9. fanoboss says:

    ahhhhhhh. got it. Thanks Guy. Is it GUY or is it pronounced GEE ?

  10. justan says:

    Thanks for the comments. Steve- my friend did the jetting at his shop. I think he just drilled the main jet out until it was the correct size. I will find out. LiL grommit- Yes I built the exhaust it is 1 7/8 od pipe. I used the stock exhaust flange. Flying Imp- yes it is an 18″ wheel. I am not sure of the brand name I will look. Fanoboss- The brake line was on the bike when I got it. It had apes on it. My friend is makeing me a new as we speak. I will post new pics when she is completed. She is about 85% done now. I have a few more things to do to her. Air filters, brake line, rear disk conversion, afew other things. Once again thanks.

  11. fanoboss says:

    thanks justan blair : )>

  12. The Duke says:

    did you buy that from Shane? Skinny white guy? If so I know that bike all to well.

  13. justan says:

    Duke I dont remember the guys name. Where are you from?

  14. The Duke says:

    nc just over the line but used to live in chesapeake.

  15. justan says:

    Duke- I guess it is the bike. I bought it from a guy in chesapeake that worked for a wrecker company. I have done alot to it since I bought it. I had to rewire the whole bike, rebuilt the front forks, customized the exhaust (not shown in the pic) it is 2 into 1 now, and put heay duty clutches with stiffer springs and all the stuff you can read and see from my post. Do you still have an XS?

  16. The Duke says:

    Ya that’s him. I remember the wiring on the bike when he had…. it was horrible. I like the paint you did on the fender and tank. Mine should be wired up this weekend and ready to role her shortly.

  17. The Flying Imp says:

    I want that rear tire! I have been looking for this for a long time. Shinko makes one like this but they only list a 16 inch.

  18. norm younger says:

    great bike. simple and to the point.

  19. sean from boston says:

    dark clean and simple great build

  20. justan says:

    Flying Imp- It is a shinko and it is a 16.