1 for me and 1 for my dad


I built a 72 with a Black Widow choopers 6″ stretch hardtail. I used a alien tank, forward controls, and battery and electric box from T.C. Bros. Gordon Scott curved drag pipes, witch sound sweet!! A set of VM34’s from good ol MMM. I also installed a pamcote high output ignition.  I’ve worked on it for about 4 years in the winter and rode it all sumer.I got the bike about ten years ago from my dad.


I found the 75 acouple years ago and last winter started modifying it form him. Custom paint with a cool ghost tribal design. solo seat that was home made. Mac exhaust and VM34’s from MMM. Forward controls from T.C.Bros.



Converted to LED blinker and tails. A pamcote set up with high out ignition will get installed this winter.

Darren Lindemann


  1. Guy says:


  2. junglebiker says:

    the hardtail is pretty cool–what’s that on the front hub? Is that really tiny brake disc or something?

  3. fanoboss says:

    NOW THAT’S A GREAT SON ! I plan on showing my 16 year old son, LMFAO ! Cool bikes …

  4. Jeff Harper says:

    glad to hear i’m not the only one who takes years to build a bike…everyone else seems to do thier bike in 4 hours and only spent $5

  5. Bob says:

    Are those curved pipes loud as hell? Do you have any baffles in them? I’m trying to figure out what to go with on my project. Thanks

  6. Fabbastard says:

    Those sure are nice pipes!

  7. Barney says:

    @ Jeff, LOL true, true. I really like the curved pipes. The windshield, not so much. Maybe if it was taller, lol.

  8. darren lindemann says:

    cueved drag pipes arnt bad, i had just the headers on and they were alot louder. The thing on the front hub is where the rotor mounts. thanks guys!!

  9. mike lytle says:

    enjoy your time riding with your dad, believe me it doesn’t last forever. i only got to ride with mine a few times before he passed away. nice job on the bikes, and thanks for sharing. ride safe and let your dad win a few races

  10. norm younger says:

    Great ridgid.

  11. Dennis says:

    Man, I do like those pipes, was thinking of something similar. Cool how you split up the saddle bags, and the mount for the rigid looks great. More pics and details would be nice! Thanks!