Rad Ventures


This is an update on my posting awhile back. I have had some struggles getting this thing on the road. I have had some help in the last little while: Justin made some great pipes for me.

I think I should get his help with my paint job as he does a rad job with that too.


Had some electrical issues and turns out you can not run a reg/rec combo on a 1970 xs1 very well, i couldn’t get it to go.  The Heineken worked great and the ignition switch from Lowbrow fit perfect. After great help from Dave at Cypress who does awesome work, i got it on the road.


It was a tough and long road but I am happy it’s on the road, I’m not happy with the paint job, and still unsure about the bars, any ideas? Anyway it is Rad to ride and I’m enjoying it. If anyone in the Vancouver area want to go for a rip hit me up.


Thanks for all the inspiration, great site kept me focus on finishing it. Chad


  1. Morgan says:

    I like the bars and the green paint. Leave ’em. Good job.

  2. mike lytle says:

    hey good job hangin in there and getting it on the road one question…. what’s up with the chain tensioner? looks like it’s straight off a skate board???? thanks for sharing

  3. Old bastard says:

    I it werks dont change it.

  4. Steve Garret says:

    Hey man I like that so many people r getting into a bike tha I have been riding since around 1982. It’s drivin the prices up and it taking a lot of thee original off the road and being chopped. However I restored my 74 to almost factory and my custom 77 with ext foot rests ( built myself ) and mounted kinda straight bars ( off a Z1 1973) and I ride my bike. Fresh engine this year 20km.
    I personally do not like the bars, I ride low and tight thru the corners and those bars, no thanks.
    Wish I could be out west for a tour. Cheers

  5. Uncle Bear says:

    Looks good, tank paint shows individuality(A+)! What did you do to sort out your charging problem? I have an XS1B engine that has a charging problem. So far I have found that it didn’t have a stator or rotor? Later

  6. mick says:

    I love the bars, but the electrical tape on them feels a little half ass. The seat is sick! What is it off of??? I love how u put the foot pegs up high, the classic was, so she spreds on ur back. Pros on the skate truck incorporation. It looks a little krooked though.(pun intended) for those of u that don’t skate, krooked is a skateboard company.


  7. Dick Hertz says:

    The first thing I noticed was the paint on the tank. I like it. Pullbacks would go with the king-queen seat. Dragbars are a favorite of mine. Or, do anything you want.

  8. Rad Veentures says:

    Thanks for the comments. The chain tensioner is an Indy Truck and powel wheel I took off one of my old skateboard I had both wheels on the truck but it wouldn’t fit with the brake rod.
    For the charging i was trying to use a new reg/rec combo unit and that was the biggest problem once I switched back to the seperate units it seamed to work fine.

  9. norm younger says:

    i love the mini keg electrics box.

  10. Ted says:

    “The chain tensioner is an Indy Truck” That it’s pretty rad/ innovative – it looks like it probably works well to. That old seat looks nice and so does the paint. Glad you’re able to get on the road..

  11. Russ Archer says:

    I’m wondering about the reg/rec combo unit . I have a 72 that I purchased a comb unit for also . I waited over a year thinking when one of my seperate units failed I would change it out. Finaly decided to change. Volt meter said it was a no go so I went back to the seperate units and all was well again. Go figure ? OH By the way I think your bike looks GOOD the way it is !

  12. Jeff says:

    i LOVE the look of the bike how it is!…tank and bars and seat were first things i noticed, and they all are perfect

  13. fanoboss says:

    Very individualistic, major props.

  14. Rad Ventures says:

    Your right about the electrical tape but I wanted it on the road for the summer. The bars will be the first thing I painnt in the winter. I also think I am going to shine up the side covers. I guess I need to find another project or I will just keep changing things.