Timothy Owens SHZAAM


What better feeling than the WTF is that look when people pull up next to you or when you park next to a 30K chopper and everyone is around your bike.


  1. mike lytle says:

    ah! this must be the streched drop seat that i have been expecting? i’m suspecting some tequilla was involved during the initial design??? kudo’s for it being out there i’m likin it, mostly cause it’s so different. i think it’s gunna grow on me. thanks for sharing

  2. fanoboss says:

    Is this in NC ?

  3. Guy says:


  4. Barney says:

    WTF is right, one photo?!??!?!?! Beautiful bike although i think it’s excessively long. I hope you’re 7’9″

  5. Jeff says:

    one picture and one sentence?!…theres lots of stuff going on, tell us about it…especially that carb set-up

  6. Timothy Owens says:

    Mike, thanks! You need tequila before Ridin her for sure, lol!

    Fanoboss, you have seen it in NC, but she lives in Virginia Beach.

  7. Timothy Owens says:


    Carb set up is running great. A little idle tweak from time to time, but other than that, she runs like a Haitian in an earthquake

  8. Timothy Owens says:


    I have a ton of photos. I’ll post more when time is avail.

    As for more info:

    79  xs650 engine that runs great.  I just had the top end rebuilt less than 100 miles ago.

    Custom built frame, DNA springer front end, 21inch front wheel and 16 in rear white wall tire. 
    New exhaust and intakes.  It’s got mikuni 41 cabs on it.  Also a pamco ignition and a pma charging system.  Those are the two very best components you can get for one of these xs motors.

    The alternator set up is a truley sweet set up.  We converted it to a brushless charging system and it alows you to run the motor without a battery if u set it up to do so.

    It’s also got a custom built slipper clutch in it which allows the bike to be ridable in my eyes so you dont have to use the foot clutch at all.  The slipper clutch won’t allow the kick to function.  The bike will acually sit still on the kick stand while in gear until you gas it and it truley makes it simple to ride. Set up like a drag bike.

  9. Timothy Owens says:


    I’m 5’11 and the bike Length is perfect! Plus the fact when i ride her and my helmet has “kill yourself” up the side of it and people look at you like “WTF”. Bahaha

  10. rozz says:

    Bet you get some grease from the chain slinging on you. Looks like sled or something.

  11. Timothy Owens says:


    No grease slinging. I can jump on her and ride to my office with nothing to worry about

  12. fanoboss says:

    Thanks Tim…thought so.

  13. Fabbastard says:

    Cool lookin ride, and very greeen!

  14. norm younger says:

    really cool bike man. nicely done

  15. Timothy Owens says:

    Fabbastard and norm,

    Thank you. I feel like a superhero when riding it. Hence my plate is SHZAAM

  16. fanoboss says:

    You are a hero, a XS650 SUPERHERO !!

  17. Timothy Owens says:

    Fanoboss, BAHAHA

  18. Guy says:


  19. lance says:

    daryll did a great job on this bike

  20. Timothy Owens says:

    Casey, thank you for your thoughts!

  21. mike lytle says:

    tim owens, in my humble opinion you have built a very untraditional xs chop but one that i personaly like very much. we could all build the same exact bikes and then none on the naysayers would have anything to comment on, but where’s the fun in that?? this build shows possibilities, possibillities unreachable unless there are those, like yourself, that are willing to push the envelope, dream beyond a common hardtail weldon, etc. i, for one ,comend you on building YOUR dream and i might say doing a fine job of it!!! it is people like yourself that will keep this site what it should be, a place for dreamers, and builders, and those who will not settle for the every day, the safe build, the in build. i like your build alot, don’t ever stop dreaming, and building,, because naysayers are a dime a dozen!! thanks for sharing

  22. fanoboss says:

    We do things real here, I don’t think everyone can be an artist or welder. A fortunate few can be both. I hope someone builds a go-cart with xs650 motor on each tire and makes it jump with hydraulics. Maybe a skateboard, to look like a toilet, that is a guitar, with a xs650 motor on it. WE KNOW WHAT THEY LOOKED LIKE FROM THE FACTORY, FFS. Good thing someone pushed limits with the horse carriage, LOL. I AM FANOBOSS : )>

  23. Colorado says:

    that bike is sick i want to build one with the same set up if there is a way that you can post a parts list that would be helpful and also how far did you strech that frame for that rear end ?

  24. devon says:

    yea you bought this from a friend of mine it is an awsome bike for sure

  25. Poverty says:

    this bike is forsale on ebay right now .. has 3 days left