Update from Holland: XS Hot Chocolate


Hello fellow xs lovers, my bike’s name is hot chocolate. I made a cover for it and I am curious to see what people think of it.




  1. cooter says:

    I think you need to seriously think about losing that windscreen! The bike would look ok without it,…but with it on its just plain wrong!! And what you call Hot Chocalate, I call it a cold turd!!!

  2. Qball says:

    I think you should go for a bagger style

  3. Sinbin says:

    While not my style this just goes to show how creative this community is. The wind screen reminds me of CHIPS. Keep up the good work and if you like it keep it! BTW the seat on yer bike is sweet.

  4. El Gaucho says:

    Love the bike. I’m actually a big fan of brown. But I have to say, I’m not feeling the windscreen. The whole appeal to bobbers is the stripped down, no nonsense feel. The windscreen destroys that.

  5. Guy says:


  6. Dennis says:

    I hafta agree with Sinbin. Whats the point of trying to fit into some particular “style” when in fact the point is to “custom”ize YOUR bike to YOUR tastes? I certainly haven’t seen many 650s that look like this one. Anyway, you’ve done a fantastic job on the fairing, completely creative, details, paint, etc. Did you modify something, or build from scratch? Either way, it definately stands out.

  7. greg says:

    don’t listen to haters like cooter your building what you like not what everyone else likes. for that reason I love the windscreen! A family member used to have an old truck that color and we called it Chocolate thunder. my 2 cents is to lower the forks and give it a sleeker stance

  8. Your Dad says:

    HA FAIL!!! With the windscreen it looks whack, without it, it would look like all the other XS’s on here!

  9. norm younger says:

    I like the cafe fairing

  10. b says:

    finally something thinking out of th box plus it flows I just think sonthing needs to be done as with all the xs bikes somthing put in front of the rear tire ,where the oild bag is something diff what I have no clue but who iam I

  11. Fabbastard says:

    Ya thats an interesting look allright! Not really my thing but you get an “A+” on fabrication, I’d have attached it to the front end (cause it does’nt look like it is) so as to avoid the push going around corners and so your headlight does what its suppose to do! GREAT!

  12. Barney says:

    Because you’re curious of what people think, i say it looks goofy and weird. Sort of like a crotch rocket bobber. You did a great job on the fairing. You can tell you put a lot of work into it and it turned out great but i like the original posting of this bike best. Also, i’m not a fan of windshields so i am biased in that direction.

  13. Kaveeks says:

    Interesting bike man. I prefer the bobber style myself however I can appreciate the time and skill it took to build this ride. Great job!

  14. Piute says:

    Put your hand over the pic from the front of seat back,now picture front end down and in as close as possible,now glass (mold) the back to match the front,no bags just cover and sleek out seen the new B.M.W.tour you can do wonders with glass and its fun.It’s what I do best also,keep up the great work,I believe others are stuck on the regular café or chop look for these XS’s ,you would have one hell of a custom bike,looks like you just stopped on the fairing ,love baggers ,why i went with a 750F,

  15. Peet says:

    Looked much better in Bigtwin magazine with out that silly racing device on it, but its your bike so it will be right in your eyes.

  16. mike lytle says:

    i’m not particularily a fan of fairings but once you ride a bike with one at highway speeds for any amount of time, it becomes obvious what a cool thing they are. it is also nice to see something different once in a while, and always inspires me to think outside the box. for that i give you kudo’s! thanks for sharing

  17. fanoboss says:

    I LOVE THE FAIRING !!! Small to medium sized bags on the back would RULE !!!! When certain people dis-credit a build here, on xs650chopper.com, it gives credence to your bike’s coolness. The same people who come and hate on this are the same ones that will lose thousands of dollars when they try to sell their over customized Harley. Can you give more details about the fairing? How did you go about the fabrication of it…?

  18. Jeroen says:

    Hello guys,

    Thank you very much for al the comments.
    I wanted to make something different. I counted the answers, half of them are positive and the other half don`t think its good. I like the balance in that so I`m going to keep it for a little bit. I can easily change it back to its former state so thats not the problem. I think it looks like an old style classic racer now and I like it. The pictures are not so great. Great thing about the xs is that this fairing(new word for me) including paint only cost me about 125 dollars. So thats not to bad.
    Thanks for all the comments, really enjoyed it. Keep em coming and keep on building.

    Love this site!!!!

  19. Guy says:


  20. fanoboss says:

    I’m looking for a fairing now for mine…LOL

  21. Shane Ryans says:

    Although the wide screen isn’t for me, you should keep it. The bike is about what you like, and its original. Who cares what others think.

  22. joe speedboat says:

    Supergaaf! It reminds me a bit of the bikes from the first mad-max movie. But maybe you should buy a couple of bikes, so you don’t have to put every style in one.

  23. Billy Jones says:

    Love the fairing! It adds to the ride-ability of the bike. Bobbers are meant to be rode– not just looked at. I rode for 30 plus years without any type of fairing or windshield. Last year I bought a fairing for my old XS. Now I won’t ride without a fairing.

    I’m currently building an XS bobber with a fairing.

  24. Dan Finken says:

    I like the faring too ! Very different and looks like it would be great for cruisin down the hiway.