Idaho Chad’s Brattrackerbobberwhatevers..

UPDATE; Idaho Chad’s Brattrackerbobberwhatevers..
Well here’s some finished pics…finally. Check my post from a long time ago for more details. Due to my tower slangin lifestyle, working on my machines is limited to basically 1 day a week, so it took me a lot longer to get done than expected. Add in the fact that the last half of the build was done out of my storage unit, pretty much sums my time frame up..haha!
So, pickin up where I left off, I rebuilt the top end of the stock bore motor and resealed everything. Stock ignition worked for a couple minutes, then I went Pamco with it. Great upgrade, 1st kick every time, Thanks Pete! I ditched the xr50 shocks for a set of sporty shocks that I hacked up to fit my needs. The headlight is a 60’s John Deere fog light that I gutted and filled with modern lighting and the rear fender is a severely-hacked off the shelf fender.
My ol’ man sprayed the House of Kolor rattle can job for me which looks pretty damn good for spray cans, while I sprayed the frame cordova brown. The mini gel battery is tucked up under the swing arm and whats left of the wiring is tucked under the seat. All in all, I’m stoked.


I did EVERYTHING myself (except paintin the tins..thanks pop!) and kept it under $1300.00 total. This winter she’ll receive a big bore kit, hot cam and a new set of aftermarket carbs. Cant wait!

Special thanks to Lowbrow customs, Mikes XS, Ferrel (ferrels shadetree corner),, My pop and my Brother Corey (Mean XS) and of course

Idaho Chad’s


  1. J-C says:

    Looks good, I’m sure it runs strong. Love the brown frame!!!!

  2. fanoboss says:

    Nice Brat

  3. schwarzleo says:

    95% of what i have in my mind. great job. for sale, and ship to bangkok ?

  4. Ben says:

    I’d re-route that plug wire hanging over the exhaust header, but other than that. Great job.

  5. Idaho Jared says:

    Nicely done…where you located in Idaho?

  6. steve96mc says:

    Nice bike Chad, I remember it from a while back when it was first mocked up. Been wondering how it was comming along. Looks real good! I’m thinking about doing a brat style bike myself. Where are you located in Idaho? I am in the south east Idaho.

  7. Barney says:

    Nice bike and done with a great budget. How long did it take to build? Any reason for the mis-matched grips?

  8. Chopper Ed says:

    Your ride is cool Chad. I’m diggin’ it. Pretty cool your pops gettin’ in there with the rattle can. Good job daddy’o!
    How ’bout some info on the rear skin. I’m likin’ it.
    Happy trails dude.

  9. norm younger says:

    Nice brat.

  10. El Gaucho says:

    Not a big fan of brat style, but this one is clean, nice lines. I’m tempted to build one just because of PA’s potholes.

  11. idaho chad says:

    Thanks guys! She took me a bit over a year to build, pretty much 1 day a week since I work on the road. Could of been a lot quicker if I could have tinkered on it every day. The grips are vintage AM’E BMX grips and they’re rad and they match other suttle hints, and the rear tire is a 5.00 x 16. The pipes are wrapped nice, you can grab them after a ride and not get burnt so the wires are good;)

    I’m up in Hayden Idaho. If you live close hit me up at let’s ride!

  12. 77metricbobber says:

    Great bike

  13. Dennis says:

    damn, that wrap keeps the headers that cool?? I had no idea! any special brand/supplier? I gotta say this is *very* minimalist brat, even stokin some of the chopper-ites… how does it sit for ya? all in all, a very nice job!

  14. idaho chad says:

    Thanks Dennis,
    Nothing special with the wrap. Got it from lowbrow. I’ve never put a probe to it but I know the silicone plug wires are good for 400+ degrees.
    Im thinking 200-250 degrees tops.

  15. D-Bone says:

    what kind of risers did you use to fit the bars or did you modified the stock ones?

  16. Idaho Chad says:

    D-bone, they are a set of modified Pro Taper clamps and bars for a YZ450F.

  17. fanoboss says:

    I love to see dirt bike stuff on bobbers/brats.

  18. Albin says:

    Nice bike, Chad! One of the coolest non-hardtails I’ve seen…
    I’m working on a 1980 GS450, but I’m having a hard time finding shocks that are short enough. Why didn’t you go with the XR50 shocks? And what did you do with the Shorty shocks? How many inches did you end up with?

  19. Kevin says:

    Chad, where are you located, I just purchased a 1978 XS650 and am going to work on it, I’d love to pick your brain on some stuff. I’m located in Southeastern Idaho.


  20. md530 says:

    Saw that you dropped the xr shocks and wondered why? I was looking to go that route since they were cheap, but didn’t want to if the sucked for some reason. Anyway, bike looks killer.

  21. Idaho Kevin says:

    Where are you located? I just bought me one like to turn it onto a bobber wanted to pick your brain since this is a first time for me, havent heard from chad yet , im in southeastern idaho

  22. Pat Daly says:

    Chad is in Couer d’Alene area.Just moved so we are rebuilding his garage now.I’m sure this is an oldpost I am in the process of building one similar.By the way I am the old man who painted the tin!