80 xs650 special A real barn find last titled in 93 I built this bike with strict attintion to detail. everything is new or rebuilt from the ground up. It took me about 5 months working on it after work & weekends.





My nephew did the paint on the tins.

The bike runs perfectly. A true no hands rider. Its kick only and starts w/one kick.  Its 4 sale so I can build the next.

Chaz macnasty


  1. Yale says:

    Great bike. Where did you get the foot controls. I am 6′-3″ and need to extend out my clutch and foot brake. Any info would help out. Thanks in advance.

  2. fanoboss says:

    Nice chopper !!! I think you need to polish that black cover to match the other cover.

  3. fanoboss says:

    …and the rims are cool.

  4. chaz macnasty says:

    fowards r tc bros modified w/ lighting holes, rims r stock cleaned drilled & repainted w/new bearings & seals

  5. Barney says:

    Nice bike and great paint. Where did you get that fuel line? I ordered one and they sent me pink crap.

  6. Barney says:

    Pink just clashes with the non-moped theme i’m shooting for LOL.

  7. norm younger says:

    Nice bike.

  8. ChopperTodd says:

    Killer bike man…..What type of frame set-up you running if you don’t mind me askin?….type,rake,stretch, ETC….