This bike started out as a Ardcore Chopper frame and some other goodies I got from them. The motor was redone to a 725 cc with a new cam –  ported and polished head, also 34mm new carbs. The Frame and rims are powder coated. Tank, fender and oil bag were painted out of house.


The pipes I made and the copper turnouts are plumbing fittings Wires were run through copper braded line. Kick start was made in my shop.



Also you can see motor was put together with brass acorn nuts and copper bits to go with the copper theme. There has been a chain ten. and battery box added since these pictures have been taken.



  1. mike lytle says:

    Man!! that thing is really in the weeds!!! what kind of sparks do you make when you hang a U turn?? looks like you did a nice job on the bike! thanks for sharing

  2. 650Sears says:

    That is one Sweet Ride. Most excellent !!

  3. Dennis says:

    Very nice job. are those covers painted copper, or what? Did that frame require a new title? As Mike said, it sure is lowwwww… you could call it the street sweeper.

  4. terry cullen says:

    looks good like the copper . don,t mind me asking but where did you find the brass nuts and same as other guy asked did you have cam covers plated copper or ? thanks

  5. Barney says:

    Nice bike, i like the copper. Where do you get your acorns and what kind of coil is that?

  6. Hi the copper covers started out as some sort of gold chrome as in most plating
    process there is copper underneath so I polished off the gold.

    The brass nuts were gotten from a jobber that supplies the oil field and farming sector in Canada. The coil is one that I got from Ardcore .

    I have found out from my racing friends that the coil is cheep BUT it looks cool
    and fits under the tank just right 🙂

    I got the copper covers off a 80s XS

  7. fanoboss says:

    steam punk those seat springs. freekin cool bike. love all but the mids…personal preference of mine.

  8. Dennis says:

    fan, is “steam punk” good or bad or…….what?

  9. fanoboss says:

    “steam punk” refers to brass and or copper that was used at the turn of the century and/or re-purposed on new garage builds. Google it.

  10. fanoboss says:

    …and it’s AWESOME !

  11. mcw racing says:

    F*&$#&N LOVE IT

  12. Kaveeks says:

    Sweet build!!! I’ve been searching high and low for brass acorn nuts that size with no luck and everyone has been telling me that they are too soft as those nuts should be tightened to spec.

  13. Dennis says:

    I just read some article on steam punk… it also refers to some kinda movie/comics genre, with an alternate future/past blend. lotsa cool gizmos, too, like this scoot.

  14. davethewrench says:

    really nice bike….I like the Harley derby cover on the clutch with the oil cooler, I am doing the same thing only it’s in chrome with a chrome oil filter cover and the rest is polished…cool idea
    by the way…Ya the copper is great !!!

  15. davethewrench says:

    Motomaster battery?? where in Canada are you??

  16. breasts says:

    Sweet setup on that rear brake, guy. Happy miles to ya!

  17. I live in Alberta my site is

    Thanks for the great feed back everyone.

    I race flat track and have a sweet SHELL framed XS 750 I have made and race

    I will try and get pics up of that bike as well. I am also starting another bobber

    dub. down tube frame and weld on hardtail with spoked wheels it will be sweeter

  18. Nathan says:

    Nice lookin bike, but I think you have that front tire aimed the wrong direction. I had the same tires on my old Suzuki. Now that I think about it, I’m not 100%, but at least check the side of the tire. it should have an arrow showing directionality.

  19. davethewrench says:

    Alberta…Cool !!! I’m in Victoria BC
    AND…Yes I agree with Nathan…check the front tire direction arrow

  20. Hi yes the tire is on wrong

    The front brake cal. that I had fit on the left side it looked cool as most single cal. set ups are on the right side . The tire was on right for the other side set up but I had to turn it round . It will be fixed when the snow stops flying

  21. nice stance but can you turn it at all?! seems like the exhaust tips would be gone in 20 minutes and then you’d start grinding the frame away. needs a battery box too. cool build tho!

  22. davethewrench says:

    Hey Greg…you should be able to take the brake rotor off, bolt it on the opposite side of the wheel and put it back on the bike without removing the rubber

  23. terry cullen says:

    hello , think you can give me an email i,am wondering if you could hook me up with some brass nuts i have a bike posted on site called brass addiction really need nuts or check out bikester57 on youtube you,ll see what i mean thankx terry i have paypal for some $$ for nuts if possible

  24. Dennis says:

    this bike is both lean…. and no-lean

  25. Yes the bike is not a flat tracker . The pics were on grass so it looks low

    COOL sometimes rules

  26. fanoboss says:

    Look at the comments you’ve gotten so far…that’s awesome too.

  27. Terry

    Give me a email

    I can give you the Ph# for the BRASS nuts