Started project off with a 1975 xs650 Yamaha I found in a barn. Got it running,tore it apart. Built the frame by hand with a bottle jack and the sand trick. $700.00 Budget Build- Duel Tunnel ram intake that I hand made from car header J-bends, Harley sportster peanut tank with pop up cap and an external fuel gage.


Settlement bowl from a 1940’s international tractor that has not yet been mounted with copper tubing that runs from the gas tank to my carbs. Set of Pro tapper motocross bars, 32′ Chevy Sedan headlight converted to 12volt, PMA alternator kit,Pamco Ignition,  Pair of Caddy tail lights that have not yet been mounted to the bike.  *FROST BITE CHOPPERS*


  1. mike lytle says:

    are the carbs supported in the front? what are your plans for the clutch? very interesting build!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing

  2. Dennis says:

    hey chad, that is one helluva nice looking setup. That big headlight looks great, the ram intake punches you right in the eyes, and the drop seat is…. dropped!! I always wonder how these bikes handle, with such a low seat height. I realize you aren’t done yet, so are you gonna leave the hand clutch at that angle? looks wild, unique, and very cool. I can see how that could be workable. I hesitate to offer suggestions when you haven’t asked, and also when it’s so obvious that you know what your’e doing, however…. IMO if the headers came up and paralleled the intakes, then bend to follow the frame rail, would be a nice visual compliment to that awesome concept. This site just continues to amaze me, and this kinda work is the reason why. Nuthin but BAAAAD!!!

  3. misfitskinny says:

    Lookin good!! Are you going to paint it or go with raw look?? That ram air is interesting

  4. davethewrench says:

    Really Cool, love the carb set-up
    and those wheels are some of the nicest laced wheels ever made, I have the same ones on my chopper

  5. Chad says:

    Thanks for all the coments. As for the tunnel ram yes there is a bracket supporting the front lol, i am still playing with the carbs a bit. Runs real good i have drove it about 10miles seems to be to rich on fuel.

    As for the clutch what you see is how its going to be for awhile, the rod needs to be shortend about 3 inches and think it will shift better with less travel.

    Paint ha, think im going to leave it as ratty as i can make it.

  6. Chad says:

    Dennis thanks again, ya i think i will leave the clutch at that angle. when you are sitting on it that is a real nice spot, and ridin with one hand behide you is pretty sick.
    The way it handles with the low center of gavity is like no other. First time i rode it about got taken to jail, caz i was railing around 40mph corners at 75mph+. Well that is what the cop said when he caught up with me. Needless to say have no complaints with its handling.

    Could you some opinions on rear brakes. Dont have anything in my head i like. Want clean like cable, dont like linkage

  7. misfitskinny says:

    I didnt notice that clutch system before, couldnt see very well in these pics. Thats very nice !!! I feel ya about the paint” the rattier the better” I hav a 77 xs 400 that I ratted out few years back an hav never painted, it just keeps gettin mor rusty and people seem to love it, but I do plan on eventually puting some kind of funky crazy paint on it lol Do you hav a website? would love to see more of your work??