xs 650 by dirty bastard choppers netherlannds

Highsider- I’m waiting for the paintjob the rest of the bike is already


  1. Marco says:

    Nice!! Love the colors, very cool. Was the electrical box purchased or hand-fabbed? Looks sick.. Also, what paint/cleaning process did you use on the engine? I’m starting my own build as well, so pardon the newb questions!

  2. Why so many springs! says:

    You must like the springs! I have never seen that tank used either. Keep on bouncing springer guy.

  3. Tommy Gunnz says:

    ^^^^^^^LOL Yeah put a springer front end on it!LOL I thought I was the only one who thought the spring solo seat on a non hardtail bike looked funny.

  4. hooversama says:

    whats funny is the chopper/bobber cops telling everybody what their bike should look like….he he, ha ha, ho ho.

  5. tadd442 says:

    hooversama, I believe they were trying to see if there was a practical use for soooo many springs. The rest of the bike looks great. Who knows? Maybe he is planning on using some clamp-on mufflers OVER some welded on mufflers as well.