1975 XS650 Hardtail rigid


  1. tadd442 says:

    sweet…..videos should be a minimum requirement.

  2. DENNI$ says:

    It sux for me, I can’t watch them at work. yeah yeah, i know………..

  3. mookie says:

    i think i finally get it…kick-starting an XS650 from the wrong side like the big bore Harley dudes used to do before electric start makes the person feel “studly”.
    sidestands are made to hold up the bike…

  4. turdherder says:

    I’m with mookie! I stradle the seat when I kick, just as I did with both my sportsters. I don’t get it. If I had electric start I’d use that too!

  5. Vincenstagechopper says:


  6. Uncle Bear says:

    Cool lookin’ Ratbike!

  7. william triffitt says:

    cool have a xs650b myself [750 kit] just starting a build and getting some good idears hear

  8. fanoboss says:

    Looks like it’ll last another 37 years

  9. Tables says:

    Looks like it goes by the old motto of Keep It Simple Stupid, Kick it, Ride it, Rate it. Sweet!

  10. hooversama says:

    $hit…..we’ve had out share of shock cops…..now we have kicker cops too! He put the bike up here to share the build, not his technique on kicking…..

  11. Deacon says:

    Great looking rat. I also do the offside kick, even though I have a functional electric start. My one criticism is the rear brake pivot arm: it’s facing to the rear, severely limiting it’s functionality. When I built my chop, I had an old case bolted in to the frame so I could accurately place my brake pivot to clear the rear of the engine. My suggestion to fix would be a new pivot arm in a “C” or “L” shape. This will move the brake rod attachment point to the rear and allow for sufficient movement to the front to be effective. So you’ll have to shorten the brake rod but thats easy…

  12. bobby says:

    love the look of the bike man i have a few questions if you dont mind me asking

    what is the stretch of the hardtail and also if theres any drop to it and who makes it im getting ready to start my first xs and trying to figure out a good length for the rear end thanks