81 Aussie bobber

Phil – Been building this thing for over a year now and just gotta find a good rear guard that complies with Australian laws (Not Short Bobber) though that’s what I want (sad aye ?)

It was a basket case, totally although it was running, everything was painted flat black including the motor. A lot of hand polishing later and here it is.
cheers Phil.


  1. mike lytle says:

    nice job on the build……….it sounds like pretty soon you aussie’s will have to get a permit to put a shrimp on the barbie!!!!!!

  2. phil says:

    Queensland Australia is DEF the hardest state on modified bikes,
    however I will still play their game until after the bike is Registered
    then see how far I can go with bobber rear fender
    and removing the front fender.

  3. Tables says:

    Phil, Your Bobber is coming along well, being in Sydney I sympathise with you. Get it legal then do your own thing, it seems everyone else does, look at Deus eXMachinafor example, they sell those things form a show room and wouldn’t comply with any of our ADR’s! and they sell them for $15k+ If you can’t please em, stuff em.

  4. misfitskinny says:

    Looks like the hard work paid off. The bike is looking great!! Like that paint on the tank

  5. steven says:

    this bike ROCKS !! I’ve seen many a cool bike on this site and a small few have really grabbed my attention…..this one definately did just that…..excellent job…..well done Phil……rock on !!!

  6. Barney says:

    Nice paint work.

  7. phil says:

    I was looking at the Gravel Crew style of bike when I started out with this bike
    and most of my mates reckon it would all right so thats where I got my ideas from
    my Engineer said I could bend and tack welds on the frame, but welds had too be
    finished by a engineer welder person, Ive spent 200 hours hand sanding and painting everything including the tank and skulls, the paint is 2 pack candy dye and I put heaps
    of130 thou Harlequin metal flake is everywhere except on the skulls, they took me about
    most of the day to stencil and shade but I liked them and am leaving things like that.
    there is a picture on the face book page of how it is with a set of xs650 Heritage wheels
    on it….. but I think Im gonna take them off and put the special rims back on
    cheers Phil.

  8. DENNI$ says:

    In that bottom pic, looks like you already got a back fender… hee hee!!

    I also see you have dual discs up front. Is that stock?

  9. phil says:

    yeah Denni$ thats a great rear fender, and yeah its a 1981
    Australian bike so it came with dual front discs

  10. Robbo says:

    G,day Phil.. Im also in QLD, Gold Coast Im building a bratted 79 special full ground up rebuild almost got all my bits collected up to begin, just gotta get the crank built and a couple other little bits and pieces then commence the assembly.. Would be Really interested in having a chat about the bikes and QLD transport madness lol Hit me on my email addy mstreyes1 @ hotmail dot com… great work mate btw!

  11. PHIL says:

    Hey Robbo, are you still building the 70 special ???