my third xs bobber

Pete – I bought the frame from Projex engineering, long and low…and biult the bike in my garage, took about three and a half months, from start to finnish. I rebored it to 770cc, wont do that again. I cant kick the fucker over. I know that the compression is supposed to be the same but it aint. Goes well but there is a lot more viberation over 70 mph..
The electrics all my own work, so is the fabrication and the paint, the stainless exhaust is also home made, strait through and loud as fuck…. Thanks Pete Bailey


  1. Marco says:

    Sick bike man, great job!

  2. SJ says:

    Sorry to hear about your bore out troubles.
    The bike, looks sweet though. -Next time give us more photos/angles, I’m not familiar with the Projex line of frames, but I’d like to see just how low and lean the proportions are. I’m always a fan of bikes that force the seating position in front of the rear wheel.
    Real nice job man.

  3. Nate says:

    @SJ, you haven’t heard of projex engineering because they are a British company knocking off ardcore frames.

  4. Uncle Bear says:

    Your Bike came out lookin’ kool. You might try compression release valves in the heads for easier starting? As for vibration, re-phasing the crank should help? I remember some guys used to add some inches to the kicker lever for more leverage when starting. Enjoy your ride!

  5. Desmo 864 says:

    Great bike, esp. tank. As for compression, you’ve upped the capacity of the engine by nearly 20% and you’re squeezing all that extra mixture into the same size combustion chambers-that’s why the compression has sky-rocketed. Never mind the vibration, the motor will probably detonate itself to death anyway.

  6. DENNI$ says:

    Uh, Desmo, he said he bored it out. Yer visual is still funny, tho. Pete, I’d review the process you went thru to reassemble the motor first, but it seems like something internal is wrong. Might hafta pull that sucker back out. Nice looking bike, Good luck!

  7. John Crowley says:

    @Dennis-look at any calculation of CR- Vsw (swept volume) is a factor, Even though the stroke has not been changed, by boring the motor, the swept volume has in this case been increased by 19%-anyway you look at it, the compression ratio has been dramatically increased, assuming no thick base gaskets, flat top pistons employed etc.

  8. DENNI$ says:

    @John – I just meant that it’s not “the same size combustion chambers”. I do hafta admit that I’ve never seen that formula (CR- Vsw) before. I guess I shoulda just kept my mouth shut – laffin

  9. mike lytle says:

    I’d say exactly 770 double cheese burgers would add the right amount of weight, so you could easily kick start your ride bona petite’

  10. Tables says:

    Nice Build Pete, Sorry but I will keep my mouth shut about your compression issues through fear over making a fool of myself (not that I am in anyway implying that you might have done so Denni$, he, he, he..).
    You are really ‘in the wind’ with those bad boy bars there aren’t you!
    2 Questions, 1. are they 1″ bars and 2. if they are what is the clutch lever and perch off?
    Enjoy the ride (and the vibrations).

  11. DENNI$ says:


  12. mike lytle says:

    huh! I thought swept volumn was the amount of crap that ended up in the dust pan after cleaning the shop floor!! live and learn

  13. The Flying Imp says:

    are you running just points with that dual coil? if so where do you find this?

  14. Fatt Man Scoop says:

    i would like a set of those pipes. 😉

  15. misfitskinny says:

    Nce build, love the paint, pipes, frame. Dont care for the seat and like the apes but seem a little wide on the bike. Some custom apes may look better. But as long as you like that is all that matters

  16. Pat Nice says:

    Bro, love it. But no combustion q’s, mine are electric…. Heeelp.. What are u usong and how do I do it?