Steve’s budget build

Steve – This is my first build, 84 XS650. Bike was built on a budget (950$). I enjoy riding this more than my Harley. Its fun to beat the shit out of. The handlebars seem to make people scratch their head, their fuckin sweet.


  1. Barney says:

    I can handle the bars, not the copius amount of photos.

  2. DENNI$ says:

    wat mike sed

  3. Russ Archer says:

    Yep…..More photos please sir…..Looks Good from what I can see . And a build for less than a grand…SWEEET

  4. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    Please, please, please more pics and details!!!

  5. PlugHead says:

    This bike looks too good not to have more pics….

  6. Josh says:

    Agreed.. More photos please!

  7. buster says:

    You sure have an amazing grasp on the english language !

  8. hooversama says:

    must have ran out of film.

  9. Tables says:

    Any bike for under a grand is sweet, a style monster like yours for under a grand is pure honey. Sweet like your Mom and sticky like your girlfriend. Enjoy the leaves.

  10. Steve says:

    I sent in more photos for those who asked. However, I do not see them up yet.

  11. Kent says:

    haha at the comments. great lookin build ya got, I like the handlebars. did you make them?

  12. ALf says:

    $950 makes me sick. i have too much too admit in my build.. see ALfs 650 ,,, id give my left hanger for a ride like this for 1K

  13. steve says:

    Ya Kent, I made the bars, taillight mount, fender mount, tank mounts, plate mount all out of the scrap pile from the local metal fab. shop.