Yamaha XS 650 Bobber Brat Flat tracker


  1. Funnymachine says:

    Are you nuts!!!

    No gloves? and no lid? in snow?

    Okay so you got snow tyres LOL

    Beautiful bike and I like the idea of a ‘Brat tracker’

    Thanks for sharing


  2. nick says:

    Love functionality

  3. steve says:

    R U Canadian EH? I ride all year round except if there is a lot of snow (studded tires) Thee only difference is I have a XS for summer and a XS (RAT) for winter.
    I love your bike and the MX bars, did that some time ago and found it a lil high for my liking at 6’2″. So went to straight bars.
    Very nicely done man, Cheers

  4. nobody says:

    Well….its not a brat…no rear suspension….its not a bobber…youve cut the frame….its sort of a tracker…but only because of the bars and the tires…..

    Sounds great! Looks decent….dude, its a chopper.

  5. 6thof7thgarcia says:

    I love that your peanut tank doesnt sit up reall high on the back bone, bike looks really good

  6. Lanzalones says:

    Great looking bike man! I am going to do the same thing with my pipes. The silver & black work so nice together. How much $ from start to finish?

  7. Dick Weede says:

    Judging from the snow, that’s either Canada, or Finland.

  8. jordanGdrummer says:

    Very nice bike! Good, mean look. I especially like the pipes and your casings, and what you’ve done with the paint. It’s simple, but clean and cool. Cool gnarly lookin’ tires too. Being from the south, I think you’re crazy to ride in the snow, though!

  9. Martijn van Geenen says:

    Love the pipes! Nice bike.

  10. CrackerJack says:

    Great bike! Not always a fan of hardtails but this is one I like. I assume you labeled it for maximum exposure. Definitely not a brat.

  11. JAXN says:

    Nice job. Really like the handlebars and tires. Nice original take on an classic.

  12. Dick Weede says:

    It’s a Blat Fracker.

  13. hooversama says:

    @ copper wire…..my cats breath, smells like cat food.

    You are supposed to STOP at stop signs.

    Cool bike.

  14. Joel says:

    Wow. I really dig the two tone on the sporty tank. Looks great. The monoshock seat is killer as well.
    Overall great job!

  15. mike lytle says:

    excellant build…….but it looks like you finished about 2 months 2 early!!

  16. Capt_Zoom says:

    Nicely done. I like your signal setup.

  17. Jamie says:

    nice work on that engine. Love seeing other Canadians on here.

  18. Tables says:

    Nice ride man, some nice touches there, first thought I had was that you chose the right tyres, second thought was that you are a little crazy to be ridin in that snow. Coming from sunny Sydney Australia and having seen snow three times in my life, twice in other countries, I couldn’y imagine how bloody treacherous that must be.
    Ride safe brother, and be “cool”

  19. XSKENDALL says:

    This is alot like what i want my 72 xs to look like!!!

  20. victor de jesus says:

    your bike is one of kind dreaming manchine congratilaions