Fong Bros Speedster

Denis – It’s an 82 xs650 by the Fong Bros. Still trying to fine tune that same old design. Some items on it include: 16 inch wheels front and back with Shinko tires, foot clutch, hand shift, xs1 front brake,West Eagle seat, TC bros tail, Pamco ignition, LowBrow gas tank, custom handlebars.

It has Mac exhaust, and TONS of parts from MIKESXS.

Took about 6 or 7 weeks of really steady 4 to 5 hour days to complete.



  1. idaho chad says:

    Keeping it fong with the stock peg setup! Love it boys!!!

  2. tadd442 says:

    Typical FONG supremacy.

  3. shad says:

    love the dual 16,s fat shinkos

  4. mike lytle says:

    Fongy……….thanks for sharing

  5. GUY says:


  6. fanoboss says:

    I’d like to see dual discs up front just to compare it visually to this set-up.

  7. Barney says:

    Reminds me of Herbie the Love Bug.

  8. turdherder says:

    I love the matching fat balonies front and back. I also like the way they use the stock frame section for the mid controls. It fills that gaping hole a majority of the builds fail to fill, plus I’m a mid controls guy. I’ve never been a big fan of wasell tanks but this bike rocks, it’s downright gnarly looking (in a good sense)! Kind of a combination speedster/boardtracker

  9. PlugHead says:

    Killer as usual! Are those bars as comfortable as they look?

  10. Ted Hewitt says:

    Nice looking bike clean lines love the handlebars

  11. Everyone says:

    What brand of bike is that? Looks great shaved, but a shout out to the manufacturer we love is deserved. Another bike with clean lines. Keep it up.

  12. Slither302 says:

    Saw this at the timonium show and it looks just as good in person! Love the fat 16’s, the aluminum look paint, the red accents and the filled in cases. Also the more I see of these xs1 front brake set ups the more i like them; Well done Fongs Bros! Will you guys be at the Kundratic swap in April?

  13. Carl says:

    Nice wheels. Where did you get your spokes for the front 16″ rim?

  14. Lil'John says:

    Like the bottom of the tank being level with the ground, and the frame flowing thru it!
    Also LOVE the lic. plate!

  15. El Gaucho says:

    Have you guys ever put a rear fender on a bike? Looks really good, but I always felt it looked like something was missing with no rear fender. I always love your tire and wheel choices though…. VERY nice!

  16. tyrant66 says:

    I’m mystified as to why y’all like this guys bikes so much. Somebody please explain the attraction here as I don’t understand all the rage……….

  17. Nancy Doom says:

    Tyrant, you’re out of the loop, is all.

    If It’s Not Fong, It’s Wrong (TM).

  18. Ted says:

    @ Slither302 – You are the random winner for the leave a comment contest.. Nice one..

    I send you a e-mail with info on how to get your bar shipped..

    Hopefully you have a bike ready to throw your new bars on. Make sure to send in pictures of your xs..


  19. Geezerman says:

    Man. That’s sweet !!

  20. misfitskinny says:

    Very nice build. Like the hand shift and the wheel and tire combo. You guys have some very good building skills, would love to see u guys do something really crazy in the future. Always curious to see what u r building next

  21. Slither302 says:

    sweet Ted! I went with the keystones in black for my cb bobber. Big thanks to Lowbrow Customs and
    My xs is already on here;

  22. mike lytle says:

    my question is…….would it still be fongy enough WITH a rear fender????????just sayin

  23. El Gaucho says:

    I think so, as long as it’s not a cheap flatty. The only thing I could see that would make it un-fong, would be to use forward controls and lose the stock frame portion that everyone else cuts out. I personally like to see a little space, but I like the Fong bikes too. I’m usually not too picky with things like that. There’s not a right and wrong, it either works or it doesn’t, and although I wouldn’t leave that part of the frame in there, I have to admit it looks right on the Fong bikes.

  24. ALf says:

    i personally like the stock controls being 4ft on a good day,.

  25. ALf says:

    fong bros trade me out of my 79

  26. fongbros says:

    Thanks everyone. Here are replies to the questions above.
    @PlugHead – yes quite comfortable
    @Slither most likely I will be at the Kundratic show, unless I am out of town.
    @Carl the spokes are stock spokes for a rear 16 but trimmed down about 1/8″
    @ El Gaucho – yes, I have used a rear fender on some bikes, but I always end up removing them. Dont know why, I just like to see all of the tire.
    @Tyrant – you totally know why – more than maybe anyone else in the world (note Tyrant owns this bike and my basic black bike)
    @misfitskinny bout to build a raw beater for Tyrant
    @Slither congrats on winning the bars. I like many others wanted to win them.
    @ALF are you near Baltimore?

  27. Rod Thruster says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I want one!!!!!

  28. srbtjeep says:

    How can I contact Fong Bros? I’ve got a ton of questions on the wheels. I tried Googling them…no luck

  29. El Gaucho says:

    Just noticed you got the B-more po-po waiting for you in the backround, lol.

  30. Personal Injury Lawyer says:

    Ohhmygod, this is amazing! What I wouldn’t do to get my hands on that!

  31. Personal Lubricant says:

    You would do ANYTHING?? Paint my house!

  32. ALf says:

    FB I am in Fort Worth Tx

  33. dex82 says:

    question about the p-nut tank………….just bought one and mounted it on the frame, then tried it with the engine in place. the top motor mounts are in the way and put the mounting tabs on the tank about an inch off the backbone. yours fits pretty good. did you just not put the top motor mounts on, or did you fab up a mount that wouldn’t interfere with the tank? without the mounts, all i need is a 1/4 inch spacer for the tank to clear the engine. if anybody knows if i really don’t need those top mounts, let me know and they’re history

  34. wally says:

    He leaves the top mount off.

  35. dex82 says:

    great, thanks. didn’t know if that would compromise anything or increase vibration, but there’s four other points at which the engine is being mounted; little different than a shovelhead. my first metric so it’s very much a learning experience, and the xs650 is turning out to be a really cool bike. and this tank rocks. actually, really like most of the stuff the fong bros come up with. again, thanks

  36. Tyrant66 says:

    This bike is currently for sale and it resides in NY just a few minutes north of Manhattan

  37. Tyrant66 says:

    And now back in Baltimore………

  38. Oz650 says:

    Really cool bike!!!
    I have the same tank… Do you have the top engine to frame custom bracket on this built?