Matt Verdell – First build

Matt – I bought this bike off a craigslist 6 months ago for $450. The first thing i did was drop the frame off at tc bros for a hardtail and neck gussets. I made the rear fender from a Harley Davidson heritage front fender.

I pick up the aluminum wheels off craigslist for $75 with the front end.  I’m running a low brow wassell reproduction tank. This is my first build and i hope to have it done in a couple months.

Matt Verdell


  1. davethewrench says:

    Right On, Pipes look cool…stainless??
    Summer is almost here:)

  2. mike lytle says:

    lookin good so far……..keep the build going, and post some more pics as you finish………….you certainly need some more stuff…….like a kick stand, the one your using does,nt work at highway speeds.LOL…….keep up the fine work……and one day you too can work your self all the way up to the exalted position of biker trash along side the rest of us crazy people……….thanks for sharing

  3. Troy Parker says:

    Hey mike lytle… wtf have you ever built…

  4. usp222 says:

    Sick bike keep up the good work!!

  5. daisy (my dog's name) says:

    Time for your meds, Troy.

  6. DENNI$ says:

    Troy, even if Mike had never built a stinkin doghouse, his insightful comments would qualify him for this site. Wish there were more like him!

  7. DENNI$ says:

    BTW Matt……. looking good!

  8. Tables says:

    I can feel the love fellow ‘biker trash’.
    Matt your build is coming togeter nicely, the fender, Wassel, frame and bar combo you have put together is already looking like a quick little corner eater.
    BTW @ Dennis, I think if we all learnt how to build a dog house we might have a spare place to sleep.

  9. mike lytle says:

    @ Troy, got an xs 650 in the shop right now finishing up should have it done shortly…….will post when I’m done and you can have your way with me… the literary sense that is…….

  10. mike lytle says:

    @ Denni$ thanks for the comment, My biggest fear would be to post a build on this site and not get any comments, good or bad. I try to look at a build and honestly give my opinion…….I’m 64 years young and have built my share of things through the years….as I’m building an xs presently, this site has given me a vast amount of knowledge as to what to do as well as what not to do……of course it’s all a matter of self preferance…….what works for some does’nt work for others……I respect ALL who do the work on there own, especially young guys who have never done this sort of thing before……..working with your hands gives a person great satisfaction and creating something out of nothing is a thing of beauty….to all that try, my hats off!! Matt sorry for stealing your post…….you’re doing a great job on the build, keep up the fine work…….

  11. Matt says:

    thanks for all the positive comments everyone