650 XS “little twin” JP


  1. mike lytle says:

    I’ve been warning people of excessive helium use for years………..

  2. davethewrench says:

    LOL….haha don’t suck on balloon gas
    I would rather hear the pipes rumble

  3. O'grady says:

    is it still for sale? if so give a ping.

  4. El Gaucho says:

    Very cool bike. I’ve always been skeptical of front brake systems like that though. Seems like there may not be enough fluid in the “reservoir” to support a full stroke of the caliper. Can’t argue with the firestones though!

  5. mario says:

    Sabadi cap,nice bike…..better if you translate in english & like to hear how it run,Thanks

  6. mookie says:

    THIS is the real deal Brat style. was that sheet reflecting 3.300 yen?-(about $4000)

  7. PlugHead says:

    WHAT?!? Nice bike.