Duncan  – All started last summer with a $200 moped. fixed it a little and sold it for $425. I then bought my first bike, a 1986 kawasaki 454 ltd. i chopped and bobbed it and flipped it for a quick 1500.

I took that and a alot of rolled change and and alot of work but now i have my 1979 xs650 “Das Jew”.  Have way way less then a grand really in it but to me she is priceless.

Thanks to all my help from the Free Will Customs Family

Duncan Das Jew Carmichael


  1. J-C says:

    Nice king/queen seat…must be comfy as hell!!

  2. pickles says:

    Definitely doesn’t look like every other bike on the road, and the seat is awesome.

  3. hooversama says:

    Hold still, let me get a picture of you texting on your bike!

  4. alan says:

    the 70’s called, they want their seat back

  5. GUY says:


  6. mike lytle says:

    like the single rear brake rod!! nice bike………thanks for sharing

  7. El Gaucho says:

    What’s the headlight off of? I dig it.

  8. Duncan says:

    head light was just something i had laying around. just paints the beauty ring to get her that black eye look. 70’s seat for a 70’s bike 😉 lol yes the seat is comfy, i have no butt to sit on so i need a comfy seat. and yes i know its a hardtail but ill deal. thanks for the complements.

    Duncan (apprentice)
    Free Will Customs

  9. Irish_Prick says:

    Thats how i like my bikes 2 cheap and EZ! Thats a hardtail could ride all day with that seat

  10. misfitskinny says:

    Crazy how little u can hav in one of these and still hav one of the coolist bikes on the road. Nice job!!