Björn Lindblom – Keep It Super Simple


  1. DENNI$ says:

    Bjorn, c’mon!!! You know we want more than just one picture!!!

  2. Barney says:


  3. GUY says:


  4. Björn says:

    Well – built from parts laying around mostly xs-parts. Engine overhauled with 750-kit,
    mikuni roundslides, intake from JoeWiseguy – to get the carbs out of the way from homemade batteribox underneath homemade seat, front end from 72 XS with drum brake, all new cables and brakes from Mike’s. Nice solid riding bike with no extras.

  5. El Gaucho says:

    Yea, dude, stop teasing. You gotta send more pics than that! I always loved the older front ends with the drum setup.

  6. Björn says:

    Yepp – like that old drumbrake front wheel too – got it from Ebay ….gonna change the front rim though to 21″ and try to find aluminum rims both back and front. The idea was to build a bike with nothing unnessecary – well – can get rid of rear fender but I need that small sissy to hang on to when wheeling the bike around in the garage….will post more pictures later….// Björn

  7. fanoboss says: