The Plumber’s Bike

Andy – This is a ’72 with a TC Bros. hardtail welded on a smoothed frame. The front forks, trees, brakes, and 19″ wheel are from a TX550 and have Goodridge custom lines and a Mitsutomo rib tire. The rear wheel is a 16″ Harley rim on a stock XS hub with a Duro 5.10 tire.

The custom cut and narrowed trailer fender rear fender, gas tank with extra fill cap and sight gauge, model A driving light and model A tail light were are spayed black, then 5 coats of garnet flake, followed by several coats of clear. Stock footpegs were mounted mid-mount to custom plates that bolt to the frame through slugs. The pipes are custom made with a chrome turnout and black wrap.

The TC Bros. tank holds all the electronics that are connected by their wiring adapter and a universal ignition switch that activates a stock XS relay mounted to the cut-down stock battery box. The seat is a vintage one that was recovered and piped in brown leather.

Andy Martin


  1. pickles says:

    Simple, clean, and great lines. Killin it in Minnesota! But still, go Bears!

  2. mike lytle says:

    bike looks great………..very nice job on the rear fender!!!!!!!!.thanks for sharing

  3. fanoboss says:

    NAILED IT !!! Cool background too.

  4. vincestagechopper says:

    +1 Simple with good tatse (sorry for my crappy english) 😉

  5. GUY says:


  6. pickles says:

    @vincestagechopper Crappy English only spoken here.

  7. Sears says:

    Sweet, Real Sweet !!

  8. rozz says:

    Pipes look cool.

  9. Uncle Bear says:

    Cool Bike!

  10. PlugHead says:

    Those pipes are bound to save lives! I dig it,nice work.

  11. El Gaucho says:

    I”ve been looking into Duro tires. Wondered what they actually looked like, since you just can’t get a real pic of the things to save your life. Looks good, I might consider them when I build my next bike.

  12. jo says:

    Is the rim u used to lace your hub wider then the stock?

  13. Idaho Chad says:

    Nice lookin rig! how are those super shorty pipes workin out for ya as far as tuning goes??

  14. misfitskinny says:

    Cool bike!! like the pipes and paint!

  15. Jickie Jack Johnny says:

    Hey, that’s my bike. It all started out as bad eBay binge purchase. Do not drink and eBay. When it arrived it was tx500 with bad compression. After my Bud Andy took hold of the necessary improvements it was clear a new motor was necessary. Found a xs650 motor “with extra parts” for $300 and this bike began to take shape. “extra parts” turned out to be a complete bike in boxes with a title. Andy hard tailed it, fabricated, painted and you can see how it turned out. Since these photos were taken, more credit to Andy, he fabed some bad ass new bars. Enjoying the ride!

  16. DENNI$ says:

    “wow, a title”, he said wistfully.

  17. DENNI$ says:

    “wow, a title”, he said wistfully…

  18. DENNI$ says:

    “hey, my comment showed up!”, he noted.