xs650 rider vid


  1. davethewrench says:

    Right on you Rebel….No licence plate
    ride like hell:)

  2. mookie says:


  3. jlow says:

    this is my bike its called crotch rot .. i tried to post some more videos but this site wont let me, weird. its a xs 650 19 inch front to rear wheel conversion from street tracker ..anymore info let me know

  4. El Gaucho says:

    I like it. You’ll probably like it much better on the highway if you go with 18/32 sprockets though. That thing was BUZZING! Wabi Sabi sounded the exact same way at 55. Made my hands and feet go numb.

  5. jlow says:

    just got my 18/31 sprokets cant wait to put em on..

  6. davethewrench says:

    18/31 Sprockets 🙂
    Your gonna like that combo….that’s what I run on my XS Chopper
    110MPH no problem !!!

  7. El Gaucho says:

    yea, 18/31 even better, lol.

  8. jlow says:

    hey dave what rpm are you rolling @ at that speed .i need to pull my case off to change the sproket already.

  9. stef says:

    jlow, got any pics of your build?