slowly but surely

Broc – I bought the frame a 72. titled, off ebay and have been working very teidious on it ever since. 2inch drop in the front standard tc hardtail. i have the tank cant wait to post pics of that its weird crazy! sorry guys no pe-nut tank here.

Broc Krantz


  1. Griz says:

    Lookin good man. Keep goin! A few things left to do on my own build. It’s an awesome feeling when you see it finally coming together.

  2. El Gaucho says:

    So far it looks like a BMX bike. Which to me is actually really cool. Just don’t put pedals on it!

  3. Rats ass says:

    Lose the bars and wheels. Besides that your well on yor way!

  4. broc krantz says:

    i will be for sure putting a resemblence of bmx pedals i am going to fabricate some platforms to stand on to resemble i am fabricating a disc setup from a modern day yz 250. u better be for damn sure im launching this thing off curbs

  5. Tebo says:

    Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious, and don’t call me…..
    Kinda looks like a science project now. Like an electric greenhouse. Try to keep it as minimal as possible and still be legal (whatever that is). And don’t go for laughs. Watch those curbs with the alloy wheels.

  6. usp222 says:

    Lmao launching off curbs thats great reminds me of being a kid thats it I’m going to the store and buying a mongoose today. Keep up the good work can’t wait to see it all done.

  7. Barney says:

    Nice jugs! 😛

  8. cruzboos says:

    You gotta get a schwinn tank and pedal on.

  9. broc says:

    as for the motor its getting bored out to 700cc as i speak. and the head is getting redone. as for the mags i may be building a set of 21’s. i hate the traditional bobber seat pan. i want to come up with something functional but plenty of room and comfort. holiday customs bikes have the seat i want that guy is amazing!

  10. buster says:

    Amazing !! A 650 powered blender !!

  11. davethewrench says:

    Are you done Yet??
    Looking good

  12. broc krantz says:

    no i wish, waiting on a set of je pistons then ill have a runner then its on to the fun stuff alot of fabbing

  13. Jairus says:

    Looks goo what zice is rear tire?

  14. El Gaucho says:

    Come on man, it’s riding season!!!!!!!

  15. Tebo says:

    “I hate the traditional bobber seat pan”. How about something that looks like a 1960s StingRay ‘banana’ seat with a sissy bar? High-rise handlebars? Way cool theme bike and perfect for curb-launching! Send more pics…

  16. ThaKydd says:

    any updates on this one? what size are the front and rear tires?