Little twin by “Greaser Garage” xs650

Greazz – First thing i’m French so sorry for my bad english.  I buy this XS stock about one year ago with the engine rebuilt. All the parts atr home made by me, the frame, the tank, the oil tank (for electrical ), the rear fender with the seat, the handle bar, the fork cover, and many many other thing!

I had to paint the frame black and all the rest stay like it is. The fork come from a Sportster HD, the front drum from a old Honda 350 CB, I put an electronic ignition that realy better for kick start !

What else ?….nothing ! or just only one thing, 4 pics are not enought for you to see all little things – but i hope you like it as much i like to ride it !! Mr Greazz.


  1. Lance Boyle says:

    Bad ass!

  2. Zane says:

    Wow! This is one of my favorite bikes ive seen on here!

  3. mr greazz says:

    Wow !!!! thanks a lot ! you can see the make up and my other work here :

  4. El Gaucho says:

    Love the front end, fork covers especially.

  5. Jeroen says:

    Man, that`s a great looking bike,
    the back is really something different.

    c`est formidable!!!!

  6. joel mekolites says:


  7. Shawn Dennis says:

    WOW that is a real beautiful looking bike great work

  8. GUY says:


  9. rsexauer says:

    fantastic looking bike,I agree, best I have seen on here!

  10. aldo says:

    belle bécane bravo

  11. nobody says:

    i normally have at least something off character about someones bike on here but right on dude…..totally BADASS!!!

  12. Rod says:

    excellent machine, great originality, nice.

  13. Fatbob says:

    Love It! It’s got a great international flavor. The decals cheapen it, but everything else is fantastic.

  14. nobody says:

    I agree… stickers

    Maybe one strategically placed but the tank and under the seat….too many….you’re taking away from what it is really is, which is simple and clean. Without a paint job is bad ass, but a supremo simple paint job would be the cats pajamas!!

    Keep up the good work dude….

  15. greazz says:

    Wow, wow ,wow !!! thanks to all you’re so cool, effectively the stickers haven’t their place on this bike, bare metal is better, i’m a lasy boy sometimes so i think i don’t paint it ! 😉 just the frame in black and a satiny varnish for crude metal. i have to do little finishes and drilled some part for the “vintage racing touch” and she’s ok. Now i’m looking for an other cheap XS for a new project, after 20 year riding an old Harley Davidson (FL 1967) i discovered this magic litle twin and i dig it a lot !!!! Sorry again for my bad english , the chair of school are very far !!!!
    Mr Greazz .

  16. Barney says:

    This bike looks English. What country is it in?

  17. greazz says:

    i’m french so the bike is too !!! but i dig english motorcycle so….

  18. Gert says:

    Grrat work Nice bikerbilt

  19. BjHarf says:

    I’m almost done my first ’81XS Bobber and have spotted another XS on a street nearby sitting in a guys carport that i want to buy and make a. brat style. Excellent design and good job on the fabrication of so many parts!!!

  20. Vincestagechopper says:

    Bravo,pour ce superbe boulot. J’avais déjà furté sur ton blog en passant par celui du vieux zombie.
    Je monte aussi un xs … Originale hein ?
    Juste une question …. As tu vernis la carrosserie…bac batterie capotage de selle ( en passant il roxe !!!) et réservoir ?
    Encore bravo pour ce très beau boulot … Et en Français !
    Tchuss , Vince

  21. dr ron says:

    Now that,s something real special ! nce lines stance proportions and , come to think of it, everything else
    a crossbread of a caferacer and bratstyle ,great bike !! one of my alltime shows some fine examples of craftmanship .be proud of it .!! dr Ron

  22. mr greazz says:

    salut Vince, j’ai pas encore vernis mais je vais le faire, l’hivers arrive et la rouille gagne du terrain !!!!


  23. greazz,,,,I’m from the southern part of the USA,,,,in Alabama,,,we have an internationally known race track called BARBERS MOTORSPORTs which hosts international motorcycle and grand prix races….Recently they held a vintage motorcycle festival with races and a giant swap meet,,,, air show,,, and stunt motorcycles,,,, plus a museum with over six hundred vintage motorcycles on display,,,thousands of bikers attended ,,,,many riding antique motorcycles,,,and many customs as well,,,,your bike would have fit in well with all the others,,,it really looks good,,,paint or no paint,,,..I;m currently building a ’77 model D,,,dirt tracker style,,,,yours has the CAFE racer look and I like it too,,,,I’m getting older these days and swingarms are better for my old bones,,,,come visit us next year at the BARBERS VINTAGE FESTIVAL in October 11,12,13,,,2013,,,,info at it might be the three best days you could spend in America,,,,and bring your CAMERA!!!

  24. turdherder says:

    Love the raw metal, it give’s the bike that mechanical/industrial look. I have had plans on using the same finish on my build. They make a product called Sharkhide that’s designed to give years of protection to almost any metal finish. The bike has a real rugged looking stance. Nice build!!!!

  25. Vigo The Carpathian says:

    Whoa…some fresh design choices on this make for a really interesting looking bike.

  26. Jairo says:

    Excellent. Well done !!

  27. pickles says:

    The seat, tail light, and electronics box are all super-effin-cool! The bike just oozes badass. What’s French for awesome-sauce?

  28. PlugHead says:

    SWANK! This is one nice bike, great job.

  29. Rick says:

    I like the look of this bike. The drop seat is great. The Cadillac taillight is a unique feature.

  30. CruzBoos says:

    Ooooh!! Loving the tail piece with the recessed (may I say frenched) light. Great job on a very clean and updated brat.

  31. josh says:

    greeaz, this is well done, original and INSPIRING! Just when you think it can’t get any better . . . it does! kudos to you.

  32. Jeff says:

    Well done!Rear shocks look shorter. What length and who makes?Again rad bike!

  33. mr Greazz says:

    hi Jeff sorry but i don’t know , i have ithis shock absorber since a long time and i don’t remerber where does it come from !! maybe from a sportster ….

  34. josh says:

    very inspiring…beatiful bike

  35. josh says:

    beautiful im american and i cant spell lol