Buy a T-shirt – Win a XS650 PMA Kit

Win a Complete XS650 PMA Kit – We still have some XS650 Chopper shirts in stock so we are doing yet another contest.

Buy a T-shirt to automatically be entered to win one of XS Charge’s Complete PMA kits. 

What is a PMA kit? Well one of the very few weak point of these bikes is the original charging system. A PMA kit is a complete bolt on charging system that replaces your outdated system. You can Easily upgrade to a Permanent Magnet Alternator system and never have to think about your charging system issues again. For more information on the PMA Kit see the XS Charge site.  

Contest ends on 12/04/12 – Buy a T-shirt and you are automatically entered.

Free Shipping in USA and Canada. Support XS650 Chopper. Buy A T-shirt

* Contest winner will need to pay shipping on the XSCharge PMA kit.


  1. Tuan says:

    Bought mine!!! Good Luck to me

  2. randy l says:

    Your out of my size but I want to enter

  3. Ted says:

    Tuan – Good Luck!

  4. Ted says:

    randy l – the sizes available are- XL, L and M. Pull the trigger and Support XS650 Chopper – a chance at winning one of XSCharge’s Complete PMA kits is a plus.. worst-case scenario you endup with a cool shirt..

  5. randy l says:

    To bad i am a xxl more likle a xxxl mabey next time you will have more for the big guys. I love your web site!

  6. dex82 says:

    well hell, like you said, pull the trigger. just ordered one. winning would be a-ok but so’s the shirt. can’t wait to wear it.

  7. JeffW says:

    Bought mine…Whoo Hoo!

  8. Ted says:

    Thanks dex82!

  9. Ted says:

    Thanks JeffW.

  10. Tuan says:

    I hope I won

  11. Ted says:

    Edwin Fairhurst is the winner for the PMA kit.. Thanks for picking up a T-shirt and supporting the site. Edwin I send you a e-mail..

    Thanks to Rick of for doing the contest!

  12. DeadED says:

    I can not believe I won this so stoked that I wont have to push my chop anymore! or charge the battery daily! Thanks Ted and Rick for the oppertunity to even get this and all you guys out there that support the site! Its been the insperation from the start on my build as well as the reason I even get an xs650 to start with!-E

  13. randy l says:

    congrats ED

  14. E. Coli says:

    I never did like that guy…


  15. Lance Boyle says:

    Unlead Ed.

  16. jerry says:

    Who won the pma kit

  17. jerry says:

    Who won the pma kit