Sore Loser StreetTracker

Adam – This is a 83 XS I found on eBay. I wanted a Street Tracker with a 2-up seat. I stripped the bike down. Swapped gas tanks from a earlier XS from friends at Hellbilly Cycles, who also rebuilt my frontend using Hughs Handbuilt XS frontend lowering kit, tuned the Mikunis and added some Vee Rubbers.

I made the tail, seat, battery mount welded to swingarm, widened the handlebars from a CB750, headlight mount, electrics cover,rear peg mounts and brake mounts, pinstriping and rewired to a bare bones setup. I picked up some Choppers Inc risers and pegs that I sent to my friend Steve Knecht to machine to fit. I recently mounted a customized sparto tailight (not pictured) to the rear tail.

It is a fun bike to ride, its real quick, and handles great. Great bike a little $$$ and a lot of time invested. I took it on a few 500 mile trips over the summer with a big ass grin!

Adam Croft


  1. Ted says:

    Hi Adam, Sick seat!

  2. Adam says:

    Thanks Ted, I appreciate the comment.

  3. usp222 says:

    Nice job. That’s on hell of a bike.

  4. usp222 says:

    Nice job. That’s one hell of a bike.

  5. Tebo says:

    Adam, After some of the high-dollar, full-blown, one-off customs on the site lately, it’s good to see bikes again that people spent tens of dollars to put together (uh… I’m sure you spent more, but you get the idea). One of the advantages of the Xs650 is the ability to go from mild to wild, and everything in between without taking out a second mortgage. And I’m happy to hear you ride the s**t out of it. Trailer queens are pretty, but what good are they if you’re afraid to get squashed bugs on ’em? Great build, with the rough & tumble look, and way cool seat!

  6. Hugh says:

    My kinda build – quick and dirty… Better to be on the street than in the garage sometimes – I can dig it…

  7. pickles says:

    I think I saw this bike for sale on craigslist in my area and thought,”Gotta get through mine first before I buy another.” Looks killer, and I love the seat and paint. Btw, Midwest winters suck for riding, but at least we get a chance to get cool stuff done in the down time.

  8. El Gaucho says:

    More suspension and knobbies would kick a$$ on this bike! Love the seat, nice job!

  9. hooversama says:

    I dig it.

  10. Adam says:

    Thanks Tebo! I got a lot of respect for those that build high and low dollar motorcycles, especially when they are ridden. I beat and bang around to much to have a nice paint job, it wouldn’t be fair to the painter and all the hardwork they put into a slick bike. Plus I hate cleaning them…

  11. Adam says:

    Thanks Pickles. I laid down my first lines on this bike and continue to work on the art of pinstriping! Its all about your tools, time and determination to make things happen…

  12. Adam says:

    Thanks El Gaucho! I call it the first leather motorcycle skateboard seat. Uncomfortable as hell but its all about the looks…

  13. Adam says:

    Thanks Hugh. A lot of time can be put into learning more about motorcycles other than cleaning this bike.

  14. Adam says:

    Thanks Man!

  15. dex82 says:

    like tebo said………and to be honest, while i appreciate the work and effort that go into the “more refined,” i guess, custom builds, it’s the more rough and ready that grab my interest. not everybody has access to things like CAD machines, water jets, or for that matter even a damn lathe (try a welder, grinder and some files). good job and way cool seat………nice to see you did it yourself. bought my seat for my first xs build from a cool place called birdman’s but i’m planning on learning leatherwork for numbah two.

  16. Adam says:

    Thanks Dex…That is great that your exploring leatherwork, I look forward to seeing your work on here! Keep us all updated on your progress.

  17. Talent. Abilities like yours make a project become unique and personal. It would be so cool if all of the talents on this site could work under one roof. I find a ongoing theme with postings and comments when it comes to costs of builds. A sensitivity to how much was spent on parts. For most of the ”high end” bikes, parts are designed and fabricated by the owner. Its all labor not big money. I have a friend that is building a 650 at my shop that has invested no more than 3000.00 ( two donor 650s and a rigid Harley frame) to achieve what he wanted. Is that too much? We fabricated a lot of parts. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome. The exhaust on his bike was built from stainless steel in ground pool handles that were given to us by a client. I own MIG AND TIG, have metal forming tools, but very basic. Until our project is posted, you can see it on my web site on the Rigids page.

  18. Adam says:

    Thanks Johnny. People either like it or hate it, I customize my motorcycles for me. I really like hardtail choppers and flattrack racing. So I thought I would bring the two together with this XS. Combining the leather, pinstriping and Choppers Inc parts to a flattrack cycle worked out great in my eyes, and apparently others, which I truely appreciate the kind comments.

    I can tell from your website that your take your time on projects to do it correctly. Keep up the nice work!

  19. I forgot to say your build is honest as well, meaning your building on the strengths of the design to be happy on the road. Front brake for added safety would be a good idea. We did a double master cylinder setup on the forward controls so if one hydraulic system failed there is backup on our project. I love the Norton Manx 500cc and the 650 is a great base to make a cafe style. Total form and function, like a gun if you will. As far as your comment that some people hate your bike, my professional opinion is they are all, great big smelly poo heads. If they can’t dig it they need a new shovel.

  20. Adam says:

    I guess I like the Speedway look with no front brake. I ride the interstate a lot, so not much stopping is needed. Your front brake setup sounds very interesting though. Haters all all over and usually have very low self esteem, ignoring them is key.

  21. It’s the second guessing. that gremmlin that may be there to screw things up. I believe in triple redudantsy. Three systems before failure, A10 Warthog style. I built a pro street with a 19 inch wheel , the tire rating was H, too low for the speed of the bike. At speed my mind always thought of that tire blowing apart. Made for less fun. That is why I wish for you to think of your brakes. As for the negative comments, I think they are empty and funny. This site is open to all. I promote the 650 as a alternative to Harley style customs but am less tolerant to bad workmanship regardless of brand. Anyway, keep doing your thing. My best work is tomorrow and after that, the next day.

  22. CruzBoos says:

    This trailer park trash bitch has it going to put a smile on my face. Your seat reminds me of the type I had on my RD/RZ hybrid. It works but after a long ride my ass tingled more that my palms. Cleaning up after a messy bitch can be a waste of time especially if you take her all over town and country every chance you get. Every spec of grease and dirt just adds character to her worldly image.

  23. Adam Croft says:

    I like the way you think Cruzboos. RIDE FOREVER!